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You're awesome

Find out how awesome you truly are, right here, right now.

I've seen the pressure people put on themselves to reach new goals and thrive, struggle to keep up with the pace of those around them and avoiding failure at all cost. This is such a powerful time to shine a light on yourself, be proud and realize how awesome you already are.

I find that people have more faith in others success than their own, unable to move forward, thinking that they lack courage and momentum.

Here's a mini guide to help you navigate through those self-created barriers, find and utilizes all that potential in you.

I hope you find some empowerment deep down in your soul and the realization that you are wildly capable of more than you even know.

I hope this will encourage you to celebrate yourself, to be your own number one fan, instead of your biggest critic.

If you have yet to hear this today, let me be the first to say, you are worthy of a joyful creative life, within you is already everything you need to make that your reality.

You’re awesome and I can’t wait for you see that.

So how often do you wonder if you’re doing enough, being enough, achieving enough? I'm guessing it's more often than you'd like it to be.

We put a ridiculous amount of pressure on ourselves to make it big and slay with ease; always reaching for new goals and crushing them. But the truth is we get distracted and fall off the wagon, start creating these dumb ass pictures of our lives and keep dragging ourselves in the mud.

That's when it's good to stop and map out how far you've actually come to see the reality of how successful you already are.

We all inevitably face self-doubt, uncertainty, and the fear of failure along the way, but we are also extremely capable of being bigger than that fear too, celebrating who we are and everything we’ve done in life; big and small.

I want you to list 20 things that you’re proud of in your life; even the things that might seem a little insignificant; professional or personal, whatever comes to mind.

(PROUD; adjective. feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions)

Secondly, think about a time when you were capable of more than you thought you were, a time when you surprised yourself, exceeded your own expectations, and proved your own limiting beliefs wrong. Maybe it was talking in front of a group of people, giving a presentation or maybe you found yourself saying no even though it felt uncomfortable.

How about the time you did something that scared you and you survived (maybe even thrived afterwards). Think about why it scared you, why it was still worth doing anyway, what did you learn from the experience. Did you quit your job in seek for something new, maybe it was a divorce or moving to a totally new country?

Is there a time when you felt like you failed at something but it made you stronger? Think about what you learned, how you survived, and how this experience shaped what came next.

Now write down five ways you’ve had a positive impact in other people’s lives. Maybe it’s your clients, someone you work with, maybe it's someone you inspired and encouraged, or maybe it was your family and friends. Think about the ways, that your input mattered in the world.

I would like you to focus on yourself. What are five things you like about yourself? Don’t be afraid to be absolutely honest and bold (this is for you). Feel free to list more than five, because the more the merrier. It could be your sense of humor, or your courage, maybe you are compassionate and creative or maybe it's something physical. Really focus and feel good about these things; it's ok to love things about yourself (even the small silly stuff). Maybe the list contains things you've been told by others, write these things down, maybe in you phone, cherish them, read them, believe them.

Final notes. I know it's hard to go out there and pursue your dreams, to find what it is that you really want to do, to be a go-getter. We all have fears and doubts and then there's that possibility of failure; that's certainly there, but when we feel better about ourselves it gives us fuel to fight those insecurities.

You owe it to yourself to live the very best life, to be brave enough to reach out in the direction of your wildest dreams. And I am here, rooting for you, always.

With love, Sarah


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