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Thoughts, self-improvement and

life-giving encouragement that will inspire you.

Welcome. This is Life in General. My name is Sarah and this is me; hurt, damaged, flawed and sometimes weak, these are just a few of the pieces that are me. But don't be fooled because I'm high on life and they made me the Queen of all wild things.

I am so happy you are here. Life in General is a place where I share my experiences and ideas. A place of  vulnerability based on trust. I want to create a wholehearted, inspiring space that can add value to your life by sharing my thoughts. I have dedicated myself to my family and thrive when others succeed. For me empowering people around me is an addiction.

My journey has been an adventure and despite all my struggles and disappointments, I truly believe that everything in life is rigged in your favor. I am not a perfect person and I do not claim to have all the answers, life is a work in progress; and I am still learning and growing every day. 

I consider my blog a simple creative outlet, in hopes of inspiring others with my stories. I find fulfillment through writing and hope to provide practical encouragement to sometimes nourish your soul. Stop living on auto-pilot and start living on purpose.

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