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The F Word

Fork in the road and where to now?

If I have learned anything, it is that life will always through things at me that I will not be ready for. I don't always have the correct words and it can be very confusing at times. There are days I don't have it all figured out, but in those moments I will choose to be graceful and open. Like Socrates said "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new".

I have learned that occasionally in order to make a big decision, it may come from unexpected pressure. But the truth is, change is something organic and necessary, I am ready for growth and transformation.

change takes courage - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

We can fall into a comfortable state which usually slowly creeps up and when change is finally inevitable, sometimes we are so eager to get "there" that we don't even realize that, how we are attempting to get there is not providing any purpose or value to the actual moment we are in, the now. And it's OK to be deranged (I am most of the time anyway) that's part of getting to where you are heading towards. I just have to stop and remind myself that while I'm focused on the there, a new there might present itself and it's fine to change course. (Actually it's encouraged).

Being someone who loves routine, change often feels uncomfortable and scary. The thought of change can be so intimidating that even though you want to be the master of your own destiny, you end up doing nothing or settling for less than you deserve simply because you are so afraid of that change. But when you think about it, what a tragedy; to let fear stop you from living your life to its full potential. Because if you want to achieve greater things, you are going to have to accept that you need to step out of your comfort zone even with fear in you and try something totally new (remember you've done it before and survived it too).

Going forward, visualize who you want to be (strong, confident, authentic and rooted in a positive attitude) keep that in your mind as you learn new and innovating skills you need to make that vision come true.

Learn to say no when you really mean it and do not allow others perspective of how things should be influence you and your decisions.

When leaving things behind and going towards the unknown, I turn my face to the sun and follow the path of what is right for me, for I trust my intuition and experiences and all the possibilities. I bravely except the fact that my heart is pure and that I am worthy of success.


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