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Into The Unknown

I know the word anxiety has been thrown around a lot lately and maybe it's because we have a word for a feeling many of us are struggling with. Maybe it's because we know more of it or maybe it's just something we are finally brave enough to say out loud. I've said this before I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am not ashamed to be the emotional being that I am. I know these times might be causing anxiety for many of us; thoughts going down that rabbit hole of what ifs and the unknown ahead of us.

We will inevitably go through painful losses and this will hit the economy as well, and though it is scary there are things we can focus on right now.

Although social distancing and quarantining are crucial safety measures, these changes have left many with extended solo time on their hands; this might make you feel restless and trapped at times. Some are not able to be with all of their loved ones, some are stuck at home alone and this can almost feel like an end of the world kinda movie we are living in.

This doesn't mean that we need to reject human relationships, abandon materialistic ways or disconnect with the outside world. On the contrary.

Along side doing the required necessities (work, school and chores) there are countless things we can do to stay connected. I mean technology has never been more powerful than it is today and I encourage you to also be alone with yourself.

This odd situation has done what many healthcare professionals, wellness coaches and other spiritual gangsters have been trying to get people to do for ages; stop, relax and take care of ourselves.

If you are struggling, create a schedule of activities to complete daily. Instead of having the dishwasher wash the dishes, try doing it by hand. Maybe that puzzle you got as a gift 3 years ago would be something you should tackle. Explore Africa via live webcams that pan across rivers where you can see elephants, lions, monkeys and other animals. Go outside, sit on the swing in the yard and close your eyes for a few seconds.

Set a date with a friend to watch the same movie together, each on your own couch. Participate in a online cooking class or instruct a stretching session via Skype for others.

Now is a great time to try out something new, like baking, writing, knitting, learning a new language (there are a bunch of YouTube videos that can help) or whatever it is you've always said you'd like to try out but never have the time.

I also want to say that it is perfectly fine to get bored, there is nothing wrong in doing absolutely nothing, just letting your imagination run while you stare at the walls.

I have found great joy in reading books for pleasure and have been creating my new vision board along with some new content I'm excited about. I am taking this time to be mindful of the situation, the seriousness of it all, and allowing myself not to feel bad, guilty or rushed.

I'm not sure if it's the certain accounts I follow, the news I choose to watch or what, but I am so happy to witness wonderful acts of kindness not only in my own community but around the world. I am so grateful that despite this crazy pandemic we are coming together as the human race. And maybe through the unavoidable heartbreak and sad results, we will be able to embrace a lot of good from this tragic disease.

Stay safe my friends, lets keep in touch and let me know what you are watching, reading and doing as we move into the unknown.


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