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Adding value to your life.

Sometimes closing doors, unfollowing certain content and turning away from what does not serve you, is necessary to add value to your next chapter in life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself or change; in your personal life and career. So going forward take only what is essential for your journey and keep in mind that purpose is an aim not a goal.

There's a study I heard about that says only 1 out of 3 have a reason to get out of bed every day - ONE out of three! Everyone should have a reason; a purpose. Think of any two people in your life, do you think they have purpose? Are you that 1/3?

Purpose is truly pivotal. It's fundamental to our health and happiness and neuroscientist are now making it self evident that we need purpose.

Ok, let me set the stage and you paint the picture; you have all the wealth and perfect health, how and where do you get meaning, what is your purpose?

You wont find your worth in others or chasing their dreams, you find it in yourself, only then will you attract those who are worthy of your energy. We sometimes connect our self-worth to those that don't even believe in us, only to please them or because of a standard someone else has created.

The fact is, some people have jobs, some people have careers and some have callings. Callings are when you really bring your gifts, passion and your values together into your work and into your life. And life is happening right now, regardless if you are actively participating in it or waiting for something to happen. It's happening whether you're "where you want to be or not." Life doesn’t start when you reach your goal or you find the perfect partner. Life has already started, it’s happening right now.

Are you using your gifts to do the things you feel passionate about in environments that fit your values?

Did you know that we spend 60% of our time working? This is the largest investment of our most precious currency - time.

Lets pause, step back and check our surroundings, not just now but throughout out lives to see if what we are doing is honestly adding purpose and value to our time.


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