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Soul on Fire

Today I am wearing my feelings, that eternal joy you just can't contain.

There is no reason not to go after what sets your soul on fire. And I kinda needed a nudge to realize what that was and is for me. Noticing now that this is what I was set out to do; encourage and motivate myself and perhaps others by creating a place where I can write and doodle (I love doodling) and maybe......just maybe I will be the necessary nudge for you on some days.

Not realizing, that what I have to say may inspire someone, I finally got that needed nudge during a lunch date with a dear friend who convinced me that this could be awesome and that if she loved my writings, messages and notes someone else may too.

Surrounding myself with kindhearted and positive individuals like my friend, really inspires me and influences my writing, writing that comes naturally and sometimes even effortlessly to me.

For the longest time I made decisions based on what I thought others wanted me to do. Not fully understanding that in order to become truly wholeheartedly happy, you need to live by the rhythm of your own drum. And trust me I have pushed others to be the best versions of themselves for years, and that always felt so good, seeing other succeed. Now I'm taking my own advice. Starting by stating I have no idea what I'm doing and understanding that I will never be ready, none of us will. This is a forever evolving journey where we will love, hurt, fail, fall and raise every time we allow it.

Today I am wearing my feelings, that eternal joy you just can't contain. And the only promise I am making is to myself; to write because I enjoy it, to be honest and vulnerable. I want people I loved the most to remember me by how I made them feel.

It makes me smile to think that you read my writings and if I have something good to offer you, that sets my soul on fire.



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