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Seriously, Stop Rushing Through Life

Rushing. We rush to do everything from getting information to eating, to making a judgement, to even adulting. We're living for the weekends, days off and holidays. We can't wait to get home and lay on the couch. We want to hurry to the gym, the store and home. We rush to our kids hobbies, plays and parent-teacher conferences. We run to meet a friend only to rush through the date to get it done till the next time. We rush all the time.

We live in a world of, when this happens I'll be happier, when I get this done it won't be as busy and when I reach this I can start living. And I don't blame you, it's hard to get off that rush train, it's hard to not live for the "when".

But did you know that the "I'll be happier when I fix all these childhood traumas and get my dream wedding", might not even happen, ever. I don't want to crush your dreams but I want to tell you that there is a silver lining.

Let me be that deep soft voice who tells you to slow down and relax. Take a deep breath and lets see what we can do to calm the noise.

Beginning this very moment, intentionally separate yourself from any rushing inner condition by voluntarily stepping out of it. Decide to intentionally slow down by consciously reducing your usual speed; physically. For example;

1. At 50% of your normal pace, walk over to get your cup of coffee.

2. Try reaching for the phone, your glass of water or your pen at 75% of your normal speed.

3. Drive the speed limit, always, but especially when you’re running late for an appointment.

Whatever the occasion may be, choose the time and place to slow down, and then practice stepping out of the rush.

When you stop rushing and start to slow down, you enjoy life more, and you stop waiting for the 'when' a little less. It allows us to experience higher states, like joy, connection and love, even in hectic moments you can consciously tone the rush down with simple steps as mentioned.

This might not heal those childhood messes and probably won't magically create your dream day but it might give you something even better, inner peace and the ability to enjoy the right now.

Life is better when unrushed. And given the fleeting nature of this life, why waste even a moment by rushing through it?

Not everything needs your immediate attention, not everything must be finished in record time. Take a deep breath and try to appreciate the moment that you are in right now. Sometimes things will go unfinished, and that’s okay too. We are all unfinished projects in this life and will never be ready, so why not enjoy the slower pace at least once in a while.

This is an invitation from me to you to slow down, just for a few moments, to pause and breathe.


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