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Number One and his friend Two

This might gross you out because shit isn't sexy.

How often do we talk about things that make us uncomfortable? Maybe we should change the way we think and talk about big, complex taboo issues? Shit isn't sexy and usually is associated to shame, humor and mysteriousness. But poo and your gut are great indicators of good health; physical and mental.

Did you know that your gut brain communication ratio is 90% to 10%, where your gut is the main communicator about what's going on? There's also a research that shows that people who suffer from irritable bowel syndromes can have a higher risk of having anxiety and depression. Further, waking up in a bad mood could be associated to what you ate the previous day.

But this doesn't mean a sterile environment is the answer. In fact our gut needs bacteria not just the good kind which is 95% of the worlds bacteria's. Good bacteria can not hurt us; they don't have the genes to do so, in fact they help our gut tremendously by cleaning it and by helping us digest. Some of the good bacteria's in our gut can actually make us more courageous and resilient.

And when it comes to our gut, it's simply impossible to avoid all of the bad bacteria. However we also need some of the "bad" bacteria to communicate with our gut, to tell it what to look out for.

It's stunning how you can learn about what is going on internally by paying attention to that one thing we desperately try to hide daily; pooping. What is now a big secret, was once "rewarded" as a child. Successfully going to the bathroom should still be a celebration (maybe privately but non the less).

On an average a person with a healthy digestion will poop anywhere between every other day to three times a day. Are you regular? Going to the bathroom is one of the most effective ways for our bodies to get rid of toxins, it's also important in absorbing nutrients. If you are not going often enough your body is holding on to those toxins and these can literally damage your body. On the other hand, if you are going too frequently, you are probably at risk for certain nutrient deficiency and dehydration (if this continues you need to see a doctor, this is a sign of a more serious [chronic] condition).

A normal Number Two should be anywhere between a firm and soft consistency. If it sways one way or another, it could suggest some digestion or fiber issues. Pay attention, this is about your well-being.

A healthy bowel movement should be easy and take only a minute to push out. The general rule is it shouldn't take more than 10 to 15 minutes (unless you're watching Netflix or posting something important).

If you are experiencing a clogged-up feeling, you can add more high-fiber foods to your diet like beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Drinking lots of fluids (read water), staying active, and managing stress can also help to alleviate constipation.

Our poo can provide a wealth of knowledge about our health and ourselves. So next time you take a seat, have a look see on what’s going on. The toilet bowl is a window into your health and you.


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