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Improve Your Love Life

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, in a relationship with its normal ups and downs, or in a marriage that borders on “roommate” territory from time to time, you might notice that there could be some improvement in your love life.

This is perfectly normal. As individuals we shape, change and evolve and so do our relationships. And even if you are in a happy relationship, it's healthy to want to maintain it with simple acts that will improve your love life.

Since relationships are not one-size-fits-all, some of these hacks might work for you and some might feel ridiculous.

1. Text your partner. Not just to get milk or to remind them of something they didn't do. Letting your partner know you’re thinking of them throughout the day can improve the support and “teammate” mentality in your relationship. Let them know you care and be a part of even their minor victories and downfalls.

2. Break a sweat together. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins, and this can bring you closer together. No matter how long or little you’ve been dating, working out with your significant other can actually increase romantic attraction.

3. Eye contact. As silly and simple as it sounds, you can build trust and establish positive feelings just by looking someone in the eye. Make it a habit to put your phone down, and look your partner in the eyes.

If you are currently looking for a partner, you should be mindful about eye contact - it’s a potential sign of attraction, so keeping eye contact subconsciously shows another person that you’re interested.

4. Create a “hello” and “goodbye” ritual. When parting ways; leaving for work, heading to the grocery store, going on a business trip or just a daily occurrence, create a ritual when you greet each other and when you say goodbye that signals closeness. Give a hug or kiss, ask how their your day or say that you’ll miss them before they leave. Try not to let your ritual become a mundane routine – put meaning into your actions and use every “hello” and “goodbye” as a way to feel closer.

5. Say “Thank You”. Genuinely thank your partner. Gratitude is arguably the most important trait of happy couples. It might be easy to take our better halves for granted, but gratitude can truly make all the difference in your love life. Allow your partner to feel appreciated and praise their strengths.

6. Listen to music. You know those moments where your mood totally changes based on the music you listen to? By playing music that puts you in the mood for love on your commute home, while making dinner, or in the background at home, can make you feel more loving towards your partner.

7. Schedule couple time. Take quality time off of your to-do list (where it will never happen) and onto your calendar. Scheduling quality time might not feel romantic, but spending alone time together is too important to leave up to spontaneity.

8. Hold hands. I love this one, so simple, yet so meaningful. No matter your love language, physical touch has been proven to boost closeness. Holding hands can improve your confidence in your partner’s love and can improve the overall intimacy in the relationship. If you’re not a fan of PDA, hold hands in the car, under the table at dinner or on the couch while bingeing your favorite show.

9. Initiate communication. Vocalize what you want. Be assertive and do not wait for your partner to ask what you want. In your relationship, be vocal and open about your needs that are important to you. Let them know how you feel, and do not assume that your partner knows everything you want or how you are feeling.

10. Be what you want. A good partner is supportive, and wants to be a good person themselves. If you want your partner to be more romantic, be more romantic to them. Be that someone and be with someone who makes you want to step into the absolute best version of yourself.

It's a lovely thing to be in a committed, healthy relationship. What helps you feel fulfilled in your love life?


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