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Empathy. A Blessing Or A Curse?

Being able to empathize with others is a wonderful gift.

You can understand what they are going through, you can put yourself in their shoes, and you have a greater understanding of the world around you.

In some ways, you could describe it as a superpower.

However superpowers inevitably come with a downside, to understand another’s pain and worries affects you as if you are experiencing them as well.

But the way I see it is, even though the gift of empathy may be overwhelming at times, it’s certainly one of the biggest blessings you can have in your life.

If you’ve ever felt deeply moved by other people’s emotions or have been highly perceptive of the world around you, it means you’re an empath. And my experience is that this unique gift of empathy can add so much value to a person’s life.

Let me list a few of those magical superpowers...

Genuine Connections With Other People

Empathetic people are not looking to create superficial connections with others because they simply can’t find any joy in those types of relationships. Instead, they seek genuine and meaningful connections with people.

Not only do they enjoy true friendships more, but they also crave this type of connection with romantic partners as well.

Since empaths are good listeners and very compassionate, it’s easier for them to connect with people on a deeper level and create long-lasting friendships.

Understand People Better

The ability to see past the surface is what helps empaths understand other people better. When you have the gift of empathy, you can quickly notice how someone else is feeling, but also understand their perspective.

You are capable of reading body language to understand another person’s feelings and you’re never quick to judge. Instead, you have patience for others which is one of the biggest gifts.

Feel Other People’s Emotions

Along with understanding other people’s perspectives, you’re also very good at feeling others’ emotions and sensing what they’re thinking.

And they don’t even have to explain their emotions to you for you to be able to experience these feelings with them.

Sometimes it only takes sharing a room with someone for you to feel if they are in a bad mood or are extremely excited. Whether someone is feeling fear, anger, or sorrow, you will quickly be able to tell.

As an empath, you will always try to impact other people’s lives. In that same spirit, you will always be there for your loved ones and that’s truly one of the biggest gifts anyone can ever ask for.

Experience Your Own Emotions Deeply

As an empath, it’s true you feel other people’s emotions, but this allows you to also experience your own feelings profoundly.

And don’t think that feeling deep emotions is a bad thing. Quite the opposite. It’s the greatest gift there is.

You get to process all those emotions quickly and thoroughly – even the bad ones – so you’re able to experience life to the fullest.

Showing Compassion

The world doesn’t need more self-absorbed, insensitive people. If you ask me, our world needs more compassion and that’s what empaths bring to the table. As an empath, you’re understanding and compassionate about the outside world.

You have the need to comfort those that are suffering or hurting. Children, animals, and sensitive people are drawn to you as your compassion has healing power.

Helping Those In Need

Your gift of empathy makes you very helpful and supportive. When you see your friend or family members suffering, wanting to help them comes naturally to you.

But your desire to help is not only reserved for your close ones. Empaths attract those that are hurting with their kindness and openness.

Strong Gut Feeling

Because you can feel beyond words, you’re also good at sensing subtle changes in facial expressions, body language, or tone. A strong intuition is another reason why the gift of empathy is a blessing.

This is a great benefit of being an empath. You can sense when someone is being dishonest, has bad intentions, or is not telling you the truth.

This gut feeling can protect you from negative people, help you recognize toxic people, and ultimately help you lead a fulfilling life.

Provide Emotional Support

Empaths are the best shoulders to cry on, and that’s an understatement. As an empath, you have the capacity to understand others, comfort them in the most genuine ways, and make them feel loved.

That’s why many empaths tend to excel at jobs that provide a service to others, such as social work, hospitality, teaching, etc.

Highly Aware Of The World Around You

You have a heightened awareness of the world around you which enables you to spot potential risks, dangerous people, or negative energy. Trust your intuition because it will show you the way.

It’s truly a spiritual gift to be able to sense danger and protect yourself from it. If you notice you feel low all of a sudden, that might be your inner alarm telling you that something is off and that you should stay away.

Excellent Person To Talk To

Empaths are fantastic listeners and great friends. Your gift of empathy enables you to be present and show up for your loved ones.

That makes you a great friend and an exceptional person to talk to because you actually hear what others are telling you.

Your energy can bring peace to the people around you. If they need someone to listen to them or to speak to about their troubles, you’re always the top choice. Empaths can truly impact lives and make the world a little bit better.


You love spending quality time alone. All those emotions can be overwhelming for you so it’s important to take a pause and spend some time with yourself.

Take some time to process all those emotions and sit with them. It’ll give you a chance to unwind, strengthen your intuition, and make space for your own feelings.

More Creative

Creativity is another amazing reason why the gift of empathy is truly a good thing. Since you take in so much from your surroundings, it’s important you also discover how to express all those emotions.

Find a creative hobby that will help you relax and communicate your feelings.

Natural Healer

Because you understand and can feel exactly what the other person is feeling, your presence alone is often soothing to others and has the power to heal.

Your spiritual gift of empathy makes others comfortable and peaceful when they’re around you, therefore giving them space to heal more quickly just by being in your presence.

Being a natural healer is considered to be one of the precious spiritual gifts, which is why empathy is a huge blessing.

Being empathic is a superpower I have lived with my entire life. Be it a curse or blessing, understanding empathy as a gift allows me to focus my love and energy in intentional ways, where this love and energy will be honored and reciprocated equally.

Learn to set boundaries, honor your needs, and prioritizing your well-being. This can be your greatest gift too.



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