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Building My Tribe - Finding My People

One of the most fundamental human needs is the need to belong.

Let me start off by saying that who you have around you and those you spend time with, is extremely important. I would even say it's part of your foundation.

Your tribe is made up of ‘your people.’ A group of people who share common interests and values, show genuine appreciation and care for each other.

Side note: Your tribe can be a collection of people you are related to or not. Not everyone's tribe is the family you were born into, but the one you create along the way.

Your tribe members are those who accept you, who want the very best for you. They want you to win. They make you feel understood, loved and appreciated, they encourage you to go after your goals and pursue your dreams. They also, help you to get through difficult times, they provide you with a sense of community and support.

And on your life's journey, you might notice that some individuals may stay a season, while others form deeper roots and hang around a little longer.

Don't be afraid of letting people go. Not everyone is going to understand you, some souls just don’t align. This doesn’t mean that you never speak to them again, it just means you establish a boundary and start looking for the people that can surround you in your moments of your journey.

I personally made a point of cutting out people that didn’t bring anything to my table. And this has less to do with them being who they are and more of what I needed and wanted. You have the responsibility of who you allow into your circle, what are the things you value?

Think of the qualities you want your tribe members to have.

Treats you and others with respect; listens and doesn’t judge; has a quirky sense of humor; lives with passion; doesn’t sweat the small stuff; is kind, loyal and trustworthy.

Listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts. When was the last time you had a gut feeling about someone?

Sometimes you’ll meet someone new and you’ll feel drawn to them right away, almost as if you were old friends.

Other times you’ll come across people who immediately make you want to put up your guard.

Pay attention to your gut reaction to others.

It has yet to fail me.

Side note: Sometimes you become great friends with someone in school or at work and once that chapter is over, you notice that you don't really have that much in common and you kinda drift apart - THAT'S OKAY, there's nothing wrong with that. The people you surround yourself with are meant to bring ease, not feel like an obligation or a task.

Keep in mind that the people you hang out with will have a huge impact on every aspect of your life, to your level of happiness and self-esteem, your personality, your views, values, and beliefs, and your overall wellbeing. They actually have the ability to shape your habits and behavior as well. So, choose your tribe wisely.

The members of your tribe are your allies on your life journey.

When you’re creating or expanding your tribe, look for people who will lift you up, help you grow, recharge and inspire you, those who will celebrate with you.

In addition, always remember that you too are a member of someone's tribe, what you give, how you behave and who you are - will have an impact on their lives too.



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