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Amazing Reiki Experience


I went to my first reiki treatment 5 (?) years ago completely open yet blind to what it was, I hadn’t even really read about it. I had no expectations and I almost thought that I might not feel anything, but I was actually surprised.

Within the first ten seconds I felt a sort of magnetic force; kinda like the tension when you're trying to press two magnets together, that feeling of a vibrating magnetic field, there truly was energy and heat. For me it was as relaxing as getting a traditional massage, maybe even more so.

Now obviously this might not be everyone's experience and I know there will be skeptics, as every other thing in the world has them too (we don't mind it, let them observe and make their own judgments, I do not discriminate, even the non-believers. I know my truth and that's the only thing that matters to me).

So, my loose definition on what reiki is, is the (trained) healer places their hands softly either on your body or just above your body, who then gently channels energy through their hands. To me reiki can be as spiritual or not according to you, but then again I guess that really goes for anything in life. What I'm saying is that though some use it more as a soul-healing technique, I believe it can also be used as a simple relaxing experience, and nothing more.

And though the lovely lady I went to visit is called a healer, I didn't go in to get healed (which I do believe you could if you were in need) but I was there purely out of curiosity, to enjoy a meditative state of relaxation, which for me it was 100%.

After my treatment, we sat and had a wonderful conversation about everything I had felt, seen and experienced; some almost a little surreal. Afterwards I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and totally energized, knowing that I would be going back to visit her (which I did).

I had such an incredible experience with reiki and though it might not be something you would try, I encourage you to go out and try something off your bucket list. What's holding you back? Make time, book the appointment and please share some of your cool experiences and adventures with the community.

Off to explore the world...

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