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You Got This - Managing Stress

We all face stressful situations in our lives. Stress from work, school or relationships, stress is inevitable but despite the stress we encounter, it doesn’t have to rule your life.

I wanted to make a list to help you out; to prevent stress and give you some keys on what to do when you are stressed out.

1. Don't Hold Grudges

Holding grudges leads to aggression, resentment and unnecessary stress.

2. Do it Now

Instead of procrastinating, get in the habit of doing things as early as possible.

3. Smile

Research has shown that simply smiling can help decrease stress levels and improve your mood.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Say No

If someone asks you to do something, don’t’ feel obligated to say “yes.” Time is your most valuable asset.

5. Drop an F-Bomb

Sure, swearing is mindless and impolite, but sometimes, just by dropping an F-bomb, can be very therapeutic.

6. Think About Your Achievements

Take a minute to go over your achievements and be proud of yourself.

7. Don't Try to Be Perfect

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and if you are trying to be perfect you are always going to fall short.

8. Breathe Slowly

Take slow deep breaths. When you breathe slowly, your body slows down, your brain activity lessens; your body stops producing hormones and chemicals that can contribute to stress.

9. Create a Stress Support Network

When you are stressed, you need to talk to someone. Sometimes, just having someone listen to the problems that you are experiencing will put them in perspective and allow you to feel better about them.

10. Avoid Secondhand Stress

Secondhand stress means hanging out with other people that are stressed. Your brain can read other people’s body language and expressions and mimic their stress.

11. Go to Work Earlier

If you find yourself stressing at work, particularly because you are nearing the end of your workday and you haven’t yet finished your tasks, try coming to work a little earlier. Even an extra 15 minutes might make all of the difference.

12. Do Something Fun

Every single day, you need to have fun. Even if you only have a few minutes a day for fun, make the most of it.

13. Take A Nap

A nap can completely rejuvenate you and make the last half of the day just as productive as the first.

14. Unplug

We spend way too much time on our devices. Sometimes, all it takes is unplugging from everything and just existing for 10-15 minutes.

15. Plan Ahead

Don’t let the things you have to do come up on you suddenly. Even if you aren’t a planner by nature, take a few minutes a day and sketch out a basic one.

16. End One Bad Habit

Pick a habit and try to end it, and if you mess up, just start again.

17. Clean Your Space

You would be surprised how much a dirty environment can affect your mood. Take a few minutes to put away some clutter - you'll instantly feel better.

18. Stop Trying To Control Everything

Control what you can and let go of the things that you can’t.

19. Don’t Take Everything So Personal

Don’t take it personally, because most things aren't about you.

20. Stop Over Analyzing

You can definitely get stressed out by overanalyzing. Instead, analyze once and make a decision and then take action. You can always reevaluate later on.

21. Single-Tasking

Multi-tasking doesn't exist. Focus on one thing at a time.

22. Don’t Worry About Things That Haven't Happened

When you worry about things that “might” happen, you are wasting your time and energy.

23. Take 5

Working non-stop without any breaks can cause a lot of stress, take a moment to look out the window or close your eyes and relax your shoulders.

24. Stop Judging Others

If you are the type of person to judge other people, you might be causing your own stress. Try to look at other people objectively, without any judgment whatsoever.

30. Exercise

Sure, it’s a cliché. Exercise is probably the number one thing that people can do in their daily lives in order to reduce stress; even if it's just a walk around the block.

31. What’s Done Is Done

Yes, you made mistakes, now learn what you can and move on.

32. Hug

Consider adding more hugging to your life. Not only will it let others know you love them, it will reduce your own stress too.

34. Start Believing In Yourself

Another cliché. If you don’t believe in yourself then no one else is going to believe in you.

35. Quit Being A Pessimist

If you find yourself always looking for the negative in everything then you should really try to change that habit. Look for the positive every time you think of something negative.

36. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

You are a human being, and like every other human being, sometimes you need help. It doesn’t make you weak or vulnerable – it makes you human.

37. Take A Break

When things are overwhelming, stop whatever you are doing and then step back from the situation for a few minutes. A break can be all you need for a new perspective.

38. Cut Negative People Out Of Your Life

You might love that negative person in your life, but they are adding to your stress, and at some point, you will have to make a choice.

39. Start Writing A Journal

Journaling is an effective stress relief exercise. People who write in a diary or other notebook reap both physical and emotional benefits, potentially increasing their longevity.

40. Stop Trying To Memorize Everything.

Slow down, you don’t need to remember everything. Write stuff down. Worrying about remembering stuff causes stress big time.

41. Have Someone You Can Vent With

Make a pact with a friend. When you’re feeling stressed, angry or frustrated, you can come and vent to them.

42. Set Attainable Goals

Striving for something you know you can’t reach will stress you out. Set goals that you know you can achieve. (This doesn't mean you can't have big dreams)

43. Be Silly

People who laugh regularly are more likely to be healthy both mentally and physically.

44. Go To Sleep 30 Minutes Earlier

Sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly.

45. Not Everyone Will Like You

Stressing about someone who seems to dislike you is not only a waste of time, it is also a good way to multiple your stress.

46. Break Tasks Into Smaller Manageable Ones

When you are faced with a big task, it helps if you break the task down into smaller, more manageable parts. This will help you avoid stress and procrastination.

47. Learn More About What You Need

Sometimes you just need a game plan. If you can figure it out, what it is you need to feel better, you’ll have a lot less stress.

48. Compliment Someone

Watching other peoples faces light up will reduce your own stress.

49. Stop Waiting For Tomorrow

If you are waiting to live life or do the things you want until ‘X’ happens or until you finish ‘Y’ you probably aren’t very happy. Live and enjoy today.

50. The Grass Is Not Always Greener

and sometimes it's fake. Focus on your own grass and it'll get greener.

51. Dance

Moving to a song you like can immediately relieve stress and make you feel better.

52. Step Outside And Just Breath

Get out and breathe the air, even if it's on the porch.

53. There Is Always Another Option

If you feel backed into a corner, sit down and list your options – all of them, not just the ones that you would prefer. You might see that things aren’t as bad as you thought and you’ll feel less stressful.

54. Don’t Hold It In

Believe it or not, holding in your bodily functions can affect your health, and will actually add to your stress. Excuse yourself and go do your business.

55. Stop Trying To Reply To Every Email Immediately

Your email isn’t going to self-destruct if you don’t get to it within the first five minutes. If it’s not a real emergency, you can get to it when you do.

56. Be In Nature

Being in nature relaxes you. Make some time for it.

57. Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Whether it’s a compliment, a favor or just a cup of coffee, do something nice for someone else and reduce your stress.

58. Drop Unnecessary Commitments

Unnecessary commitments are only going to add to your stress. Drop them.

59. Avoid Drama (Queens)

Drama causes stress and when you see someone who is looking for attention and is creating drama – run the other way as fast as you can.

60. Play A Video Game

How long has it been since you played a video game? Did you know that it’s one of the best ways to release a whole bunch of stress? Playing video games can make you forget about your own world and get lost in another for a while.

61. Don’t Check Your Phone While You’re Eating

When you’re eating and looking at your phone, you don’t even know what your tasting or digesting. Make it a rule. If you’re eating, your phone stays off.

62. Don’t Blame Other People For Your Mistakes Or Problems

Some of your problems might be the fault of someone else, but it won’t help your stress levels to blame them. Instead, see your own part in the problem and accept responsibility. You will have less stress by doing so.

63. Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

Don’t take things so seriously. It’s life, and it’s meant to be enjoyed.

64. Find Your Creativity

Everyone has something that flexes their creativity. When you find out what yours is, exercise that creativity to reduce stress.

65. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Find positive people in your life. Just make sure that you are positive too or else they won’t want to hang around you very long. Positive people will make you feel happy which will reduce stress.

66. Complain Less

Everyone has things in their lives that suck. But when you complain, you increase your stress. You give yourself permission to feel stressful because you are confirming that your life sucks. When you avoid complaining, you might be able to convince yourself that life is good.

67. Eat Slow And Savor Your Meals

Did you know that the taste of your food is important to your mental health? Take your time and eat slowly.

68. Don’t Rush Through Life

Savor every moment. Take every opportunity to enjoy whatever you are experiencing.

69. Inhale Calm

When you breathe in and out, imagine that every breath you take is bringing calming energy into your body.

70. Identify Your Triggers

If you can't identify what is stressing you, you'll never be able to avoid them. This is a great strategy for reducing the amount of stress you have.

71. Don’t Engage In Gossip

All gossip does is create an unhealthy mindset and that only adds to your stress.

72. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Music can instantly uplift your mood. What's your go-to song?

73. Don’t Live To Please Others

While there is nothing wrong in doing things for others, prioritize your own well-being so you can be an asset to others.

74. Don’t Try To Change Other People

You can’t change other people, PERIOD. You can only change how you act or react towards them. When you try to change people you are attempting the impossible and that’s a huge stressor.

75. Somethings Take Time

Trying to make things happen faster just causes stress.

76. Things Are Never As Bad As They Seem

As human beings, we often imagine the worst-case scenario as a real possibility. Remember that your mind is probably making things out to be way worse than they are, so wait until you actually know before you stress.

77. Practice Acceptance

When you accept things, you tell your body and brain that it doesn’t need to stress about those things. When you are more accepting, you are less stressed about things.

78. Don’t Argue With Ignorance

If someone is rude, uninformed and aggressive, or won't listen to reason, it's useless to argue with them. Just nod, smile and walk away.

79. Calmness

Even if you don’t feel calm, take a moment and center yourself. If you practice it enough, your body will get the message and your stress levels will go down.

80. Develop A Happy Attitude

With practice you can change your attitude, mindset and even your thoughts and beliefs. Remember, you are in charge of what goes on inside of you.

81. Use Positive Words Not Negative Ones

Words have power, whether you realize it or not, both to you and to people around you. Children who grow up hearing negative words tend to struggle more. Kids that hear positive words growing up are much more likely to be positive, happy and successful. It’s the same with grownups.

82. Be Inspired, Not Envious

Don’t be jealous of other people. Instead, be inspired by them. Look at what they did right and try to emulate it.

83. Eliminate Things From Your Life That Make You Upset Or Angry

No matter what it is, if it gets you angry or upset consistently, it has to go.

84. Think Of Challenges As Opportunities

When something happens to challenge you, it can be easy to get frustrated and negative. Turn it around and think to yourself that this is an opportunity that will move you closer to your goal.

85. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools for increasing happiness. Being grateful will elevate all areas in your life.

86. Stand Up And Stretch

When you stand up and stretch, you give your body a signal that it is okay to relax. Your muscles will release tension and you will feel better and less stressed for doing it.

87. Stop Competing

Don’t compete against anyone except your past self.

88. Delegate Tasks

If you have people that can help you with stuff – delegate.

89. Go To The Park And Sit On A Bench

Go to the park, bask in the sunshine and enjoy the moment.

90. Read A Book

Most adults are so busy that they have basically given up on reading for pleasure, even if they love reading. Find a great book, relax and indulge in your book.

91. Practice Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations may seem silly to some people, but the truth is, they actually work. If you do them every day, and actually allow them to sink in, they will begin to change your mindset and make your life better, not to mention reduce stress.

92. Laugh Out Loud

Laughing out loud is something we should all do regularly, it's one of the best ways to relieve stress. Find a way to laugh out loud. Create humor in your life.

I would love to here some of your suggestions. Please leave a comment below or on Instagram and help your fellow human to destress.



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