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Winter Bucket List

If you are a resolution kinda person I applaud you. For some reason I never felt the desire to make them, maybe am not a goal driven kinda person, or maybe I'm just lazy, because it's not that I don't believe in myself or ability I just feel like resolutions, plans goals and intentions can be set, achieved and changed throughout the year, therefore putting pressure on the new year seems heavy (for me).

So Instead of making resolutions and feeling crappy about them when you don't follow through, I thought I'd inspire myself and hopefully you with a list of fun things to do during the winter. To start the year focused on fun activities to do while tackling all those weight loosing, cigarette quitting and job doing other big tasks.

I've always encourage myself and others to be fun, silly and to never take things too seriously. Life really is too important to not enjoy it and be excited about.

Now, I created this easy winter bucket list to add a bit of extra enjoyment and to help with the long (and in some cases dark) days ahead of us. Simple things to do. Things to do when you’re bored. When you’re craving adventure. Things to do when you’re cold. And most importantly, just things to do.

1. Make Your Own Dirty Hot Chocolate. This is hot chocolate 2.0, dress it up with marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles or peppermints. More is more.

2. Go Ice Skating. This is one of my two favorite winter activities. Grams use to take me to the rink where they had music and we'd twirl around a few laps till our toes were cold. Put on a pair of blades and glide around the rink. Follow it up with a cup of hot cocoa or some warm apple cider.

3. Cute Coffee Shop Date with your Significant other or Friends. I love little cafes all year round, but there's something magical about drinking my favorite kinda tea while chatting with someone special looking out the window at the snowy scenery.

4. Find a Winter Festival in Your Area. Facebook and your city's websites are full of inexpensive and free festive shows and happenings, make sure you tune in to see all the fun that is happening near you.

5. Have a Winter Campfire – at a local park. Bundle up and grab your S'more supplies and head out to enjoy a wonderful day in the nature. Many parks have designated areas with fire pits, make sure you know what you are doing and be safe.

6. Tobogganing. This is my second favorite winter activity, though I haven't been in years and climbing the hill terrifies me I know the sliding down part would be worth the few hikes up. (also great exercise)

7. Hiking in the Outdoors. Being able to walk on all different kinds of terrain is a fundamental movement skill. Even taking a walk in the near by park and down by the water is a fun relaxing way to spend a bit of time.

8. Feed the Birds. Though I am afraid of birds (some are scarier than others) I love looking and watching birds. If you are a veteran bird feeder, you’ve probably gained lots of insight into the foods your backyard birds prefer. But some of us are new to the game and need a tip on what to feed them. Sunflower seeds, peanuts and cracked corn all unsalted are some of those treats a great deal of birds enjoy.

9. Shovel the Neighbors’ Sidewalks. A simple act of kindness like shoveling your neighbors driveway or removing the snow off their vehicle needs no explanation why its a nice thing to do, plus it's a great workout for you.

10. Movie Marathon. In a world where we binge watch everything this might be the easiest task on the list, but to mix it up, try watching some oldies you haven't seen in a while, maybe binge the Good Place series or watch all the Marvel movies. Popcorn is key.

11. Puzzle. Most of us haven’t done this since we were children. You don’t find too many opportunities where you can concentrate on one thing, so be present and let everything else in your mind go. That alone will be worth every minute.

12. Start a Scrapbook. Yes, scrap-booking is still a thing (in my mind it's always a thing) and makes for one of the best winter activities for yourself or families. Besides isn’t it about time that you did something with all those boxes of unorganized photos?

13. Have a Game Night. Invite some of your friends and family over and host the ultimate game night. You can modify some of the Christmas games I post about earlier > LINK or dig up some of those board games that are collecting dust in the storage.

14. Visit a Museum in Your Town

Sometimes we take for granted what is in our own backyards. Do some research of local museums and then go and visit one, take a friend with you and go for lunch afterwards.

15. Try a New Restaurant. Visiting a new restaurant gives you an opportunity to try out new cuisines and to expand your knowledge without going anywhere. This is also an opportunity to experiment new cooking styles for you to try at home as well.

So as the snow (hopefully) starts to fall and the temperatures drop, there’s no need to yearn wistfully for sandy beaches. Just remember to dress for the weather and you’ll be able to have fun, no matter how cold it gets. There’s so much excitement to be had in winter, even on the coldest days of the season.

Let’s have the best winter ever. I am determined to enjoy my days, make awesome memories and to also be spontaneous. These tips won’t take much effort and the real key is to have fun and enjoy your wintery days.


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