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Wherever You Are In Life, Always Remember...

Do you ever have those days where you feel like everything is good maybe even great but inside you're feeling a little frazzled - well, you’ve come to the right place.

Today I wanted to help clear your mind, give your day a bit of direction, maybe even inspire you and remind you of those basic pillars that we all sometimes forget when we are busy living our lives.

1. The past cannot be changed. But the future can. Letting go of the past is not about forgetting what happened, but letting go of our expectations. Learn from it and choosing something different going forward.

2. Opinions don’t define you. While it’s important to value the opinions of the people you love and care about, never allow them to define and take control of the life you want to create for yourself. At the end of the day, your own opinion is the only one that truly matters.

3. Being happy is contagious. Other people will feel your energy and not only want to be around you more, but will also take responsibility for their own happiness as well. Smile and laugh often because it has been scientifically proven to make you feel happier in doing so.

4. Perfection is an illusion. We are surrounded by suggestions of what a perfect life, body or relationships should look like - feeding us this illusion of perfection that in reality is not real. Focus on acceptance - bettering yourself and your surroundings in a more meaningful way. Life is colorful, wild, diverse, unpredictable, and unique - but never perfect.

5. It’s okay to let go. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that no longer serve you or of people that no longer bring you joy. This is your life to live and there is nothing wrong with growing and shedding old parts of yourself that no longer bring you the happiness that you deserve.

If you do not transform your pain, you will transmit it - Richard Rohr

6. If you focus on the hurt you will continue to suffer. And as Richard Rohr said that pain will be transferred on to those you love and surround yourself with.

However, if you focus on the things you have to be grateful for and what you’ve learned from those hurtful experiences, you will continue to grow and be able to allow love and light come through those broken cracks and nooks.

7. You are allowed to change. As long as you’re changing because you want to, not because people are asking you to. Even if you went to a private prestige school to get a PhD. you can still become something totally different then what you thought you'd become when you started this journey.

8. Time heals all wounds. While it may leave a scar behind, or you might still miss an individual you will eventually start feeling better again as the darkness of the night always leads to the light of a new day and a new reality.

9. If you're lucky you'll make mistakes. Remembering that things happen for you, the good, the great and the what feels like crap - this allows you to gain wisdom, strength, knowledge and confidence to do the things that you are meant to do.

10. Everyone’s journey is different. I spent a lot of time trying to please others on my own unique journey. Although I still struggle with my “people-pleasing mentality,” I’ve also realized that what’s most important, is living in a way that is authentic and true to who I really am. Think of it this way - if I live my best life, maybe that will inspire someone else to do the same for themselves.

These aren't obviously the only things to remember in life, the list is probably endless, but this is a great place to start.

Do you have any important things you always remember about life?



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