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Where The Light Meets The Dark

We are surrounded by these edited versions of ourselves and others; the brightest moments, plucked and placed on highlight reels to display in our world of wonder, all along hiding our most vulnerable selves, protecting our dark from coming into the light.

And there is no shame with keeping up appearances, we all do that. More importantly it's the story we tell ourselves we need to be tracking.

We are so afraid of putting something out there that will be a stain on our existence, when really everyone is just walking around with a pile of dirty laundry. But stains and spills should be welcomed and encouraged.

The truth is, we are both the light and the dark; simultaneously. But isn't that the most wonderful time of the day? Sunrise and sunset. That dimly lit room with candles where the light meets the dark; hand in hand.

I feel like as humans we a conditioned to be either or, you are either sick or healthy, good or bad, happy or miserable. But we know that's not the case. We can have a whole load of crap we carry around and still be happy, we're allowed to. You can be sick yet on the road to better health and have great days regardless of your illness. And we can do bad things as good people while we are on our journey to redemption.

I know how easy it is to fall in and allow the darkness overtake yourself, getting twisted and turned, disoriented, not knowing which way is up, fighting and struggling against it, swallowing more anger and unable to breathe. But you can’t fight the current, it will take you down and you will drown. You must be still, stop struggling, and look for the light, it's there, it's always there.

I'm not saying you need to air your dirty laundry to be authentic, I am reminding you that it's ok to have a shitty day and feel like crap. It doesn't mean that that is your entire life and you'll never feel good again, it means we all have things we carry with us, our struggles, worries and fears, we can still enjoy life and be happy in between moments because it is necessary to know how beautiful it is in those moments where the light meets the dark.



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