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Unexpected friendship

Being a part of history and creating unbreakable bonds.

I have had this dream to unite children and seniors for the last 20 years. To the point where I believe that it should be part of the curriculum; mandatory. I know, I know, making something mandatory can sound cruel but my intentions are good and authentic. My vision would be to have a particular (weekly/monthly?) class during each semester starting from the first grade. A class that would mainly take place outside the school, where the younger children could visit senior centers performing songs, spending time and playing games in the common areas and taking turns talking with the seniors. As the kids grow their visits could slowly become smaller gatherings, all the way up to the ninth grade when it would be more of a one on one visit, maybe even helping the elders with some daily tasks or reading the newspaper with and for them. Inevitably unbreakable bonds would be created, understanding and acceptance would gradually be molded into our DNA and unexpected friendships would be made. This would be a foundation sustainable futures could be built on. Both sides would most likely benefit from this and this would fulfill many social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.

In my opinion uniting these two groups of people could bring a welcomed new attitude and bridge gaps between humans. I know this is a long shot to actually becoming something and I have no idea on what would need to happen in order for this to work but I'm pretty sure these relationships could play a very important role in the lives of everyone involved. Taking time to listen to those who we wouldn't otherwise have a relationship with could provide us with valuable lessons and experiences we could not get from anywhere else.


Disclaimer: The "Friends" photograph appearing on this website/blog post has been posted with the prior knowledge and permission of the Professional Nature Photographer Lassi Rautiainen for the purpose of this blog post. You can find more awesome pictures via his website



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