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Trump Needs His Power Back

Donald Trump isn't the first nor will he be the last US President who needs help with his mental wellbeing but he needs it more than anyone especially now.

Albert Einstein is famously quoted: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting something to change.”

This is not, of course, the actual definition of insanity. It also turns out Einstein never said this. It actually comes from an Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlet from the 1980s. Non the less, it is something to think about.

Psychologists say that Trump’s condition is a combination of mental disorders that cause one to distort reality and make violent, impulsive decisions. And that's a crazy cocktail mix for someone who is literally in charge of so many peoples lives and livelihood.

Now, I do want to point out that by no means should someone who had and has so much power to erupt and cause a great deal of chaos and disruption shouldn't face consequences but he truly needs help with his inner demons.

I also understand that there are those that say that the media is portraying him as a villain or even as a joke and while in some cases that could be the truth, if you take a look at lets say his twitter account alone, there is already an indication of some kinda serious personality disorder.

He believes he is “special” and unique, requires excessive adoration, he is paranoid and delusional, has a sense of entitlement, lacks empathy, his acceleration of anger, which threatened at times escapes his control and explodes into full-throated rage and often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him.

For his sake (and others) he needs to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. If he refuses to do so, that’s bad news - especially for him. Refusal itself could be validation of his personality disorder. People with personality disorders generally won’t consider that they might not be all right, whereas mentally healthy people will generally want to know if they have a problem.

Whether you think Mr. Trump is mentally unfit to be president or not, he needs help to regain his power to heal himself. To get help with everything that triggers him to lash out and to actually be better for him and his family.

He is somebody who is afraid, lonely, desperate and feels unloved. I hesitate to paint a compassionate portrait of him because he’s so culpable of an endless list of horrible things. However, I do have compassion for the three-year-old who is living with these terrible demons inside that need to be addressed.

Trump reminds us of what happens when anxiety is denied or ignored. He is consumed and misled by a lifetime of unprocessed, unacknowledged anxiety, which has no doubt been amplified by the power and responsibility of his office.

May this be an example of how important it is to take care of our mental heath and help those around us.


I am not a doctor or mental health professional. My blog is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or mental health condition.


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