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True Equality

The Cambridge dictionary describes the word EQUAL as;

1. the same in amount, number, or size

2. the same in importance and deserving the same treatment.

For me this means exactly this; all people are equal, deserving the same rights as each other.

We all know that women have fought for equal rights for a long time and some countries are still far from getting to where some of us are now, but I have witness some women trailblaze their way to the "top" and fighting for equality only to misuse their power when they get there. This is heartbreaking behavior as one would think that by going through something like this would give you the ability to understand the value of equality. But there is this thing called unconscious bias and some can be blinded by it.

Even though there might have been prejudices people around me growing up, I never saw people being better or worse than me. I never thought that I was above anyone else and always found it a little cringy if I saw someone treating another person poorly, or even if someone would talk ill about a certain "group". I even find it unbearable sometimes when it's done in good faith like humorously roasting someone; even a celebrity.

Some organizations, politicians and average Joes like to tell us they are fighting for equality, but it seems like they mean that they want to be treated equal, not for them to actually have to treat others equally. We want our needs met, and when things are good for us, nothing else matters, "I'm getting my piece of the cake".

Looks to me like this comes from a lack of understanding of what equality is and we should stop negatively separating ourselves from each other; men, women, white, black, straight, gay, married, single father or buddhist monk, we all go to the bathroom and we all deserve to feel safe, loved, included and equal. Everyone has different beliefs, skills, looks and backgrounds, that's a tremendously good thing.

There are almost 5,000 gods being worshiped by humanity. But don't worry, only YOURS is right.

Though no one thinks that they are discriminating or a racist, we can still have some habits which were taught to us when we were younger, and we need to face them. June is the perfect time to start thinking about what equality really means and what we can do to change it for the better. Even the smallest changes can be surprisingly powerful. So be an ally, someone who stands up for people who are treated differently because of their identity. Provide support to people and groups and do your part to make sure things are fair and equal for everyone.

Instead of dividing people into unnecessary boxes, let's celebrate being different and treat everyone with respect and dignity. And hey, Happy Pride everyone.


We just watch the Green Book which is a wonderful story about an amazing friendship, I highly recommend it if you haven't already seen it.


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