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The Thing About COVID-19

Does social media unite us, or divide us? Does religion unite us or divide us? Does anything unite us or divide us? I think it's up to us actually, and how we choose to see it.

If we are looking at this as a way to see the bad, point fingers or blame others, then yes absolutely this is dividing us. But if you're in it to see the good, spread the love and willing to do your part in the healing process than this most definitely will unite us.

I struggled on posting anything about this, as there are more than enough articles and captions circling this current situation. And I'm not here to tell you what the correct thing to do is; you know what that is. I'm here to open the discussion on how do we want to see this unfold.

Looking on the bright side (which can sometimes annoy others) is fundamentally who I am. I understand the scariness of the situation and the whole unknown of it all, but I refuse to go down silently into the night. I want to be a beacon of light and focus on what matters in crises.

Going forward there are two things I do know; neither panic nor denial will work. What we need to understand is that, our response to the reality of COVID-19 should be informed, thoughtful, measured and consistent. Secondly, we need to love our neighbors and look out for each other. Yes, this pandemic will take time to run its course, and yes, many will get sick, but what will matter when we are privileged to have hindsight, is how we responded to the virus, and to one another.

During tough times like the one we find ourselves in now, we gain the chance to focus on the things that truly matter to us.

Little concerns and problems you had before might even seem a little ridiculous. When danger knocks, our hearts and minds should turn to all humans and our ability to care for them.

While we are encouraged to isolate physically, we can still most certainly connect mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We all have to withstand some inconvenience, perhaps endure some physical suffering, and certainly need to look out for those we know who are in the high-risk groups. But ultimately, we just need to make sure that our response to the problem is helpful, not only for ourselves, but for everyone.

What matters most is the way we respond, for our response will mean our challenges either divide or unite us. I vote for coming together and vowing this bug will never cause us to be less caring, less united and less prudent.

Let's come together, for our families, our communities, and our precious earth.


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