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The significance of the F*CKS we give

I hope you will forgive my language, for there is much more of it to come in this post.

What if we could declutter our minds the way we do our closets? Could we get rid of some of that bullshit the same way we effortlessly take our old clothes to good will; out of our homes and out of our lives with no regret, but with a sense of relief. By doing so, we can be free to focus our time and energy on stuff that really matters, those things that truly make us happy. There actually IS a secret to doing so, it's this magical thing called not giving a fuck.




So before we really get into this, lets establish what not giving a fuck means; “I don't give a fuck” is a way of saying “I don't care”, “I could care less” or “It doesn't matter to me", whereas giving a fuck is something you truly care about.

Only after removing myself from a culture that was making me so unhappy have I realized what could and would make me happy. For me there is no other choice. I have slowly stopped giving my precious fucks to things that don't deserve them and giving my fucks to things that do make me happy.

This only happens when you are willing to clear your mind and even if you already have a lot of joy in your life, you still have to remove all that clutter that is occupying room for more meaningful joy.

Now let's see if we can do some serious spring cleaning and help you towards your highest self.

First step - decide what you don't give a fuck about! (make a list if it helps, you can even break them down into categories)

Step two - DON'T give a fuck about those fucks!

Easy, right? Well actually this sounds kinda like a recipe on how to become an asshole, so even if this could be true, saying no to things and not giving a fuck can be done in a respectful and polite way. Because truthfully and honestly saying no to something you do not feel comfortable doing is perfectly fine. You do not have to feel guilty and when you are kind, you have nothing to apologize for. In reality we only have so much life to spend on the valuable things, why are we wasting any of it on dumbass shit. To desperately get validation from meaningless individuals and recklessly spending your fucks on them, will never truly give you what you want.

Think about those situations when you really need to consult your fuck budget, decide what activities bring more joy and allocate your fucks accordingly.

have courage, be kind and stop giving fucks to those who don't give a fuck.

Giving no fucks doesn't mean you don't care, believe me I care. It means you care about the things that are actually important to you. Spending time and energy in places which are where you REALLY want to be, not because you feel obligated and guilty if you don't, that's not real life. How many times have you won by giving fucks when you didn't want to?

Maybe you were invited to some social event that's giving you anxiety weeks ahead of time or maybe you are stuck in a shitty job and you hate waking up early to go there (but until you find a new job; something you enjoy), you can start decluttering your mind by stop giving your fucks to things you do not want to participate in. These have no room in your life at anytime. EVER. Inevitably you will run out of fucks to give and you do not want to end up in fucking debt.

Cleaning out your cupboards and doing some actual spring cleaning will leave you feeling good for a short period of time but saying no and giving fewer fucks will last a lifetime.



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