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The Perfect Time to Get a Boob Job

Breast augmentation, lip fillers, butt lifts, Botox and nose jobs. Rhinoplasty, face lift, cheek enhancement, body contouring, tummy tucks and liposuction.

So when is the right time to do these things?

Whenever the heck you want to do them.

I haven't had anything done, but I'm not gonna lie, I have thought about it.

Not to the point where I booked a consultation or really seriously thought about getting something done but sometimes looking at myself I would think that certain areas would and could look cuter with a little help. But lately I haven't given it a lot of thought though.

This doesn't mean I might not do it and it certainly doesn't mean that I would either, my whole point in writing about this is to remind us and others that this is none of your business if and when someone would want to do so. I mean if a person wants to enhance themselves in whatever way they seem fit then we (the other people) shouldn't be the ones telling them what they should or should not do.

We live in a world where our looks dominate a large part of who we are, who we respect and what decisions we make. And yes I love my wonderful skin and the fact that I look a tad bit younger than what I truly am, but in reality that doesn't mean anything. In the end, how I made others around me feel about themselves, will weigh more than any cute selfie I post (which I also love to do).

We should be ok with others doing and feeling however they want to. If someone wants to get Botox, wear leggings as pants and flaunt their beautiful size whatever body and ride around the city on their pink and white bicycle then no one should be bothered by their choices. Why would you?

There is room for all of us. We live in a world where it should be ok to get a boob job and be intelligent and cute and smart all simultaneously. Where our looks are just a part of the whole, not the defining thing about who we are or who we strive to be.

I love looking at gorgeous people, those who have had work done and those who rock the all natural vibe because when it comes down to beauty, how I feel about myself matters most to me not someones liposuction.



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