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the joy of libraries

Many people don’t realize how much libraries offer beyond being able to borrow books and read newspapers.

Let me start by asking you, when was the last time you visited a library? Did you check out a book? Regardless of your answers I want to remind you of these gems.

Libraries are places you can spend time where you aren’t being sold something, they are full of mysteries, adventures and characters waiting to be discovered.

Libraries are also often housed in beautiful buildings that hold their very own story and history behind them.

They are wonderful places to take a second, find a window-side nook, sit down, and just breath and relax, maybe even meditate, or catch up on some current news by reading an actual magazine.

There are events, and exhibitions, endless amount of information at your fingertips, computer access, read spaces and workstations, and in some cases even do-it-yourself workshops and facilities.

Libraries are many things for sure and completely free, access to anyone and everyone. To stand amongst the shelves, physically surrounding yourself with options of creations eager to be read and inspire.

A “random” discovery in the library can be as simple as finding a misplaced book on a cart - serendipitous indeed.

Libraries have also kept up with the times. As a teenager I remember checking out CDs to listen to and we even rented movies back when that was a thing to do too.

Nowadays I've done a few sewing projects with renting out a space and sewing machine as my own machine hasn't been it's old self.

I also recently learned that there is a "Human Library" in Denmark, a place where instead of loaning a book you can connect with another human, learn their story or something from them. It aims to address people's prejudices by helping them to talk to those they wouldn't normally meet.

People come to libraries not only looking for information, but also, to find themselves (intentionally or unintentionally). Parents can join reading clubs with their children, seniors can attend events and find ways to connect with people. While teenagers can meet up in libraries with their study groups for teambuilding or school projects and we can all learn to sit without our devices continuously entertaining us.

Libraries truly are remarkable places even in todays world - maybe even more so.

Feeling uninspired? Struggling to focus? It might be time to go back to where it all started -the local public library.

Long may they reign.




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