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That someone who changed your life

Is there someone that did or said something that truly changed your life?

Was there a teacher, neighbour, uncle or maybe even a celebrity who really made a difference in your world? Taught you something significant, gave you perspective or even re-introduced you to yourself? This person could've been a stranger you randomly met; someone standing at the bus stop or maybe they are a friend from first grade. They changed the way you think about the world, the way you view yourself or maybe the way you look at others around you.

It could have been a brief conversation or a discussion that started out about the weather which lead to a heart to heart about life and death. Maybe they changed you by living as an example. It could have been a tiny moment which turned into a lingering thought and then suddenly out of nowhere you had that aha moment. It could have been a few words, that became a masterpiece of sonnets and poems.

You might have only met them once, not ever seeing them again, this might have been the only conversation like that. You keep this person’s image embedded in every cell and bone in your being. It could also be your soul mate and as fate would have it, you might have even married this person. Somehow just in them being there, they really made a difference and you, you were forever changed.

I want you to know that one day you will be this person for someone, odds are you have already been that person to many that have crossed paths with you.

Because we can all contribute to the world around us, even the smallest gestures can make the biggest changes. I encourage you to go out there in the world and be a light-worker.



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