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That's a wrap

Time to make inspiring choices and create a life that you love.

A great deal of things have happened this year to so many people. 2018 will go down as all kinda everything. The hump is always hard but it's up hill from here. Or is it down hill?!?? I mean why is the saying it's all uphill from here when in reality going down the hill is usually the more fun and exciting route. Well anyway if you have forgotten what you deserve, let me remind you.

You deserve to never feel badly for saying what you think and feel. You deserve to be emotionally spoiled; to have exciting conversations and deep meaningful happiness. You deserve to be surrounded by good vibes and inspiring people. You deserve to laugh out loud and to be silly. You deserve respect, appreciation and all the success.

Life is too short and you are too vibrant to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

You deserve all things you are brave enough to ask for.

Encourage the relationships that matter. Give up being right, because you may be wrong. Focus on the good and spread joy. Be kind even to those who have hurt you and respond with love. Forgive and release yourself from the negativity; you've carried that for far too long, because others are not responsible for your happiness and change comes from within. You will inevitably make mistakes, you're not perfect and that's a blessing. Acknowledging and letting go of things that don't serve you is the first step towards enlightenment.

Be the energy you want to attract.

Remember that being positive doesn't mean you won't have hard days, it means you have the ability to radiate positive vibes through the struggles. And how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you. Now step into the person you want to be and become that individual.


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