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Take Advantage of Opportunities

Opportunity. A word that inspires hope, something we can wish upon to make our lives better. Even the smallest event can steer us, enlighten us, and take us away where we can live happily ever after.

But unfortunately, not all opportunities last forever; the good news is, if you are receptive more often than not the failed ones will open new doors towards even better opportunities.

I don't want you to miss your opportunities because you cannot see pass your current situation or you are too busy chasing someone else’s dreams. Don’t let your opportunity pass because you are looking through the wrong door.

As we get wrapped up in our daily grind it's important for us to remember that opportunities often surface at the most inconvenient and unexpected times, so you must be prepared to take advantage of opportunities.

If you are not mentally prepared, you won't be emotionally prepared, when the opportunity appears.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

How many times have you been offered something that scared you? Have you thought about starting your own business? Trying something new? Do you have a great idea to create something that seems a little crazy? How many times have you stopped yourself and said no? Probably more times than you have said yes.

Prepare for the Spark

All of these occurrences are opportunities. The opportunity to experience something new, something different, or something more.

In order to grow and experience more in life, you are going to have to try something new. And that might require you to take the leap blindly. Sometimes you don't even realize you've jumped until you're midair lunging towards it.

Welcome that spark that initiates the idea which can eventually expand like an avalanche. Sometimes it might take months to gather the courage to go for it, and sometimes it is only a matter of seconds. Trust you gut and take the leap.

Remember that the conditions to ignite fire need to be perfect but when it does it can spread like wild fire. Setting your self up to lit that spark allows those opportunities to be seen.

Focus on the Future

You cannot let the past dictate your future. We've all been through things we are ashamed of and regret, but if we constantly live in the tension of where we have been, that'll never allow us to live life forward; you must release the guilt and disappointments of yesterday, and the fears of tomorrow.

Have a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude has several advantages. It's basically armor for when you finally take that risk. It allows you to have faith and hope that even if this doesn't go the way you imagined it - something even better may fall into your lap.

When you are positive, life is richer, fuller and more vibrant; you do more, create more, you live more.

Life is short.

So why not? What is the real reason you are holding back?

Take a chance

We kinda need to become yes-people. Say yes when opportunities present themselves even (and especially) if it kind of feels scary or uncomfortable. "Yes" has magic within it. This doesn't mean you say yes to everything, but when something sounds intriguing, that's your gut telling you to go for it - despite the fear.

Yes, taking that step can be scary, but to achieve anything in life, we need to take a chance. The beauty of taking chances, is that anything can happen. You might fall, get hurt, or be embarrassed, but what if you could experience something that is completely mind-blowing and changes your life forever - for the better.

“Not trying is the only true failure.” – Unknown

Opportunity is always present. 'Lucky' people know this. Seek out things that match your interests and take those ideas and run with them. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just be open to changes and let opportunities present themselves to you.

Look at them as gifts that can add joy and value to your existence.

In stead of being a pessimist who sees the difficulty in every opportunity; be an optimist sees the opportunity in the difficulty.

What are you focusing on?



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