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Stop Trying to Find Yourself, Love and Happiness

Happiness high can sometimes feel like a struggle. Hearing people (like me) saying just choose to be happy, wake up and be happy, but that can be exhausting, and sometimes you just don't want to be happy; you want to be ok with not feeling ok!

I hear you.

So now what? Where am I going with this nonsense? Well, I just recently started paying more attention to the words I have been using all my life. Like the word FIND.




1. discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly.


1. a discovery of something valuable, typically something of archaeological interest.

It's a perfectly wonderful word and there is something magical about it, yes.

We use it when we fall in love; "I found the love of my life" or when you're on your phone about to leave and you can't find your phone, that's actually in your hand because you're using it, dummy. And then you find it.

But there is a heaviness to this lovely word; FIND. And I can't believe that I haven't noticed it before. Because what if you can't find joy and happiness? What if you can't find that perfect someone?

Do you become a failure? Is it a loss if you can't find what you are looking for?

NO, of course not!

Because I have a solution. Now, please note that you might not fall in love and there will be days where you feel like crap regardless of these changes, but by changing one little word and replacing it with a new one in your vocabulary and mind, you can start shifting a change towards something new and better.

What if being happy and joyful isn't something you wait for because instead of trying to find happiness; you CREATE it.

And just like that in a blink of an eye, you are not blindly waiting to find something but you are the one making things happen by creating it yourself.

You put your coat on and step out into the world and you create joy and excitement. All of a sudden people are looking at you for inspiration and as a beacon of light because you are oozing love, because you decided that instead of trying to find something from somewhere; you are generating great vibes and doing it yourself.

This won't keep bad days away but who cares because you now know that you are able to create, produce and fabricate all this excitement for yourself that will overflow into others around you.

I'm so happy we had this chat, I've been waiting to tell you about this magnificent change I discovered and I hope you apply these wonderful new words to replace your old thoughts.

Let's go out into the world and BE that person we want to fall in love with, CREATE happiness and laughter from within and stop waiting to find something that already lives inside us.

I would love to hear a joke or a fun story or memory that you have. Please share in the comments here or on Instagram , something that makes you smile, because if you smiled the odds are that I and we will too.

Thank you for spreading the good good, it really does make a difference.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


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