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STOP Rushing Around; Move with Ease and Intention

For most summer 2021 has come to an end and we are hitting the ground with the hustle and bustle. Work, school, homework, chores, schedules, classes, courses and of course all our favorite tv shows we need to watch while we're on our phones. It seems like the relaxing in the hammock days are just a distant memory of the past summer.

With the hustle and bustle comes multitasking or that's what you think you're doing and many fool themselves for a while but like I've mentioned before on my blog, there is no such thing as multitasking; we're just half assing a bunch of things when in reality we're not accomplishing anything extra. Instead, we expose ourselves to more tasks and ideas that we pay less attention to.

Why are we so obsessed with speed?

In everything we do, we want to be quicker, more efficient and more productive. This is really just to say that we want everything to be faster.

If you are focusing on doing something simultaneously while brushing your teeth, one or none of those things are getting done properly, so here's the kick in todays article; lets move with ease and intention at least for a day. Try it out and see what happens. If it kinda works - then what the hell, do it for another day.

When you stop rushing and slow down, you enjoy life more. Things are more interesting. You worry less. You care for others more. You make fewer mistakes because you’re more focused.

Because when we pause and do one thing at a time, moving with purpose and without rushing to the next thing that needs to be attended to right away, we allow ourselves to be more in the present moment which inevitably gives us power to control our lives.

Our reasons for hurrying through things always seem so valid to us at the time. But, when you look back, is it really worth it? Ate too fast, now your hurting. Rushed while putting something away, and broke it. Driving quickly to a meeting, caused an accident.

Slowing down is something I’ve been thinking about a lot these last couple of weeks. Not only because I want to slow down and take the time to enjoy things more, but also because this is a great way to relax my body. If I move with ease and intention, I don't drop things nor do I forget things plus I have the upper hand when it comes to my anxiety.

So first things first - when you wake up and while you take your first sip of your morning drink set an intention about how you want to feel during the day. This doesn't require you to write anything down or to meditate, just think to yourself what do you want to feel like.

As you move throughout your day, pay attention to what thoughts and feelings cross your mind. If you keep feeling rushed, just be aware of it without judging that feeling.

After you’ve finished what you’re doing, take a few minutes to wait and relax before moving onto anything else. Even if you take your time on one project, jumping to a new project immediately after is still rushing, in its own way.

Take some time to wait between tasks. Drink a glass of water, look at the wind in the trees, take a deep breathe, it doesn't have to be anything complicated; whatever you need to do for a couple of seconds; just relax.

Then when you feel calm and unhurried, slowly move on to whatever else you need to do, and enjoy that process as well.

So when you go to pack your groceries, do your dishes or go to a meeting, allow yourself to move with ease and intention, you'll get there - no rush.

Slowing down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing anything (which is also a good thing to do sometimes), it just means you should experience more of the things that you are actually doing and do it well; like brushing your teeth.

If you struggle with slowing down, I hope this post will help you find some calmness and clarity. And that you tap into your intention and move with ease.



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