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Plans vs. Chance

Be open to the possibilities and leave room for winging it.

We all love sweet memories that will last a lifetime. Memories created through unexpected situations and traditions we cherish, something passed down in families for generations. Traditions are a marvelous way to create long lasting bonds and establish a sense of belonging. They can keep those you love closer together.

And as much as I love traditions and creating new ones with my family, I believe that it's equally important to leave room for serendipity. That effect when you accidentally stumble upon something truly wonderful when you weren't even looking for it.

If you think back on the path you've traveled to be at this very moment, how many of those life changing situations occurred from planning it out and how many were pure accidents? That one evening you were out and talked to someone who influenced you to go see something, which ultimately changed your career path, or that place you've always wanted to visit and never got around to it and when you finally did you met that special someone there or when you've started to make dinner and it turned out to be something totally different but super delicious anyway. How significant it truly is to leave things up to chance, I think so. I guess that's why I leave room for winging it, you never know the many profound incidents that can come out of it.

There are so many useful and important discoveries and inventions that were a result of serendipity, like penicillin, X-Rays, microwave ovens and even those sticky Post-it notes we often use.

This can be called a divine intervention, miracle, fate, destiny, chance or the universe helping us, either way we have all experienced it. Now is there a way we can enhance our chances to welcome serendipity in our lives without actually manipulating it? Maybe it's about being open to the possibility and allowing it to happen?

We can have plans, visions and traditions, but when you think about it, most treasures in life come in accidental occurrences. Serendipity.


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