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One of the Most Important Wellness Practices

Let’s be honest; most of us probably aren’t reading as much as we should; minus trending memes, DMs or in some cases song lyrics.

Yet reading has so many benefits; it expands your vocabulary, helps you learn new things, facilitates personal growth, and even reduces stress. We should all be here for this.

In short, books make you a healthier, smarter and a more well-rounded person.

So if reading is a great way to learn new things and a unique form of entertainment, why can’t we stay focused on the words long enough to absorb a book.

Reading does require a certain level of focus. And even if you love it, there are probably plenty of times when you find it tough to concentrate. For example, do you ever find yourself at the bottom of a page only to realize you didn’t take in a single word of it?

The goal here is to paying attention to the current moment. We are so easily distracted with so many things that a simple thing like sitting down and reading might not feel entertaining enough. And I get it, I go through times where I don't feel like reading and get stuck in the cycle of phone scrolling, we all do. But what I noticed is that like a workout at the gym, once I get started it's hard to stop.

As the world has shut down in the midst of this sometimes scary situation I encourage you to grab a book (e-, audio or a good old regular hardcover) and plunge into it. Curling up with a book and a cup of tea is one of the simplest ways we can remove ourselves from the confines of reality in order to immerse ourselves in the drama and intrigue of the unfamiliar.

The tales you lose yourself in can lead you on paths of discovery that take you out of your own life and help you see that existence can unfold in an infinite number of ways.

Ultimately, the books you absorb, that touch you deeply, can become a part of who you are, providing you with a rich and thrilling world within that you can revisit anytime you wish by simply closing your eyes. I know this is the case for me.

If you haven't read a book for pleasure lately, try and allow yourself the time, you deserve. Schedule it in if necessary.

Reading can help access your imagination and emotions while increasing your ability to sustain attention which anchors your mind in much needed mental and emotional balance.


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