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Now What?

Holy blogiversary and welcome to It has been one year since I launched this blog and I am so happy I took the plunge.

I am a self-proclaimed private person, who decided to start a blog and put my life online. My whole life I have stayed inside my comfortable little box, only letting me read my writings. Getting outside of that box has been a completely life changing experience for me.

Starting a blog wasn’t a life long dream of mine, it actually was something that I didn’t decided to do until I was 38. Talk about being a late bloomer, eh? Most bloggers are a tad bit younger when they start out. Nevertheless, it was something I felt passionate about after receiving the spark from my dear friend and here I am on the one year anniversary and still blogging. As my lovely auntie would say "Wooohooo"!

What a year it has been. When I set off, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or how people would react to my writing.

Back then I had a full time demanding job in the corporate world, and I was creatively starving; I felt like I needed an inspiring outlet, doing something that nourished my soul.

So even if it were for me only, this was the way to go. And ultimately this was what brought me joy.

One thing I never imagined when I started off, was the potential ripple effect this blog could cause. I have received messages from people around the world saying how much this site has meant to them and it truly blows my mind what a life changing impact positive words can truly have.

This year has been phenomenal for many reasons, but it obviously hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

So what has happened since I started my blog one year ago?

This past year I endured the most painful physical pain I have ever experienced, I have met up with some long lost friends and I have felt things I have never felt before in my life; some good, some bad.

I guess one of the most significant things was my Grandmothers passing. Though it was not something that we were expecting, I feel like she was ready to go. She missed my Grandpa so much that her heart couldn't take the separation any longer. I really do catch myself thinking of her every day and the fact that she waited for me to arrive to then go peacefully into her forever dreams gives me comfort.

This past year I spend a lot of time thinking and introspecting. This has truly helped me evaluate my life, so I could and can decide what is serving me and what is not. It has made me ask some extremely important questions. Am I living my truth? Am I using my time wisely? What puts me on edge or makes me anxious? What puts me at ease? What makes me laugh and smile? How can I fill my life with more of that? What can I say yes to? What can I say no to? Who are the people in my life who genuinely love and support me?

It’s vital for me to reflect on the highs and lows, to take a mental scan of what’s working and what’s not. I knew I needed to take steps to actively make changes, and ultimately lead a happier and healthier life.

You shouldn’t need to wait until your physical body is unwell or some God awful traumatic accident happens for there to be time for a check-in. Trust me, I will take my own advice on this one.

The most important thing I have learned on this platform (and in life) is to be myself. There are so many bloggers out there these days and it is so important that I be my true self. Not all post will be grammatically correct nor everything be picture perfect and I am okay with that. I want to you to know me as me.

Ok, so lastly I wanted to mention that I parted with my day job without a back-up plan. Now I could really be creative, eh? But I have to say that even though I am still on the hunt and have yet to secure another position, my life has really fallen into place in some odd way. This, of course, is a wonderful thing, but at the same time extremely daunting; so, I am really taking this time and opportunity to define what I want to happen next in my life. And I have to say that I am open to so many new things and excited for all of the amazing possibilities.

Now, what about the blog? I have always wanted to provide thoughtful, useful posts that come from my experiences and heart. Inspiration comes from everyday life for me. I have 100 post it notes in my journals and an endless amount of lists on my phone at any one time with ideas written on them. They come to me on the tram, while thrifting or at home cooking dinner. And I love it. This is such a blessing and I am so overwhelmingly appreciative for all of you readers.

Overall it’s been a very rewarding journey, my take away is that when you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything. This might sound cheesy but who doesn't love cheese, I mean...come on.

I want to thank each and every one of my readers, thank you for not only reading my blog posts but for sharing them with your friends and followers too. Thank you for connecting with me via Instagram and for all of your kinds words and encouragement throughout this year, I am overwhelmed and can feel the love. I truly am enjoying writing this blog and hope that you will continue to follow me throughout the years to come.

Going forward, I plan to continue posting regularly every Monday for some extra oomph for each starting week. I also plan to continue brainstorming other ways to bring value to all of my readers and hope to broaden my audience and reach more people. I would love to keep connecting with you guys and sparking some of that good good to add fire to your soul.


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