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Nourish Your Creativity

Children are naturally silly. Their grasp of humor is instinctual, and even the smallest absurdities provoke joyous laughter.

As we age the value of silliness can diminish. Work takes over play, enjoyment is overwritten with busyness and we have less motivation to exercise our imaginative minds by focusing on what is humorous.

You might remember doing the craziest things as a kid; coming up with your own songs or scenes, playing dress-up and scavenger hunting, or maybe you created your own kind of game and made a costume. This shameless silliness nourished your vitality and creativity. I encourage you to find that same spark by giving yourself permission to lighten up and be silly.

Too often we reject the wonderful silliness that is an inherent, deep-rooted aspect of the self because we believe that it does not serve a purpose or is at odds with the grown-up culture of maturity, ptui.

This is outrageous, meaningless and absurd, we should push for silliness, maybe even in situations that it might not be socially "acceptable". This doesn't mean you should be loud, obnoxious and rude it means there is nothing wrong with laughing out loud or creating some fun.

We delight in ridiculousness not only because laughter is naturally pleasurable, but also because it serves as a reminder that existence itself is fun.

Skipping, doodling, and singing funny songs are no less entertaining than they were when we were children. We shouldn't lose all interest in these cheerful and amusing activities, we should make them a part of our lives even if we must sacrifice a little dignity and a lot of fear.

It is precisely because so much of life is inescapably serious that silliness should be regarded as a priority. Through the magic of imagination, you can be or become anything. Because lighthearted fun and adulthood are not at all incompatible.


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