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Nothing is Insurmountable

There is nothing in your life that cannot be overcome; whatever the situation or problem, there is always a solution.

Insurmountable; invincible, invulnerable, unbeatable, unconquerable, unstoppable, bulletproof.

Sounds like a whole new team of superhero's but that is also you. Given the right tools, correct environment and a little bit of belief in yourself - oh boy you'll be going places.

Nothing is impossible when we are intentional, purposeful and focused

I'm not saying that shit won't hit the fan, I'm saying that setbacks are inevitable, but failure is not an option.

I believe that when we are intentional about our journey and live life on purpose, all things are possible.

Whether the mountain you are facing is unpaid bills, broken relationships, health challenges, struggles with sobriety, lack of purpose or direction or whatever it is that seems overwhelming, let me assure you - there is a way to conquer this mountain of a demon, a way to silence those doubting voices in your head and a whole new path waiting for you to thrive on.

The first step in overcoming any obstacle is to believe that it can be overcome, (because it can). Doing so will give you the strength, courage and faith to move through any crisis.

The second step is to make a resolution that you can prevail over any chaos. Enlist your support network of family, friends and/or professional help if necessary.

The more minds there are to consider a problem, the more solutions can be found.

Don't discount ideas just because they seem impractical or "unrealistic," and don't keep searching for the "best" alternative. Often there is no one "best" choice, there is only a choice to make so we can begin moving beyond whatever is obstructing our path.

At the very least, making a choice, even if it isn't the ideal one, can give you a sense of peace before you have to figure out what your next course of action will be.

This all might sound like just another motivational quote “If You Want It, You Can Do It!” nonsense but the truth is, this psychological focus goes a lot deeper than a cheesy catchphrase.

And though it might feel like facing these mountains can be paralyzing, as most of us we’re poorly trained or are unaccustomed to dealing with negative emotions; where we just tuck them away with the illusion that out of sight out of mind, until they burst out at the right (wrong) time.

Maybe what you need is to say what you’ve been holding in for so long out loud, to finally express yourself clearly. Close that stage of your life with a smile (or slam the door shut).

Whatever the situation is, whatever problem or black hole you’re trying to get out of, remember - you can get out. The key is fixing your gaze on the way out, not getting stuck on the problem itself.

It’s normal to struggle at first, but nobody is born knowing how to adapt. The key is to find what works for you, to maximize your resilience and grow from everything you’ve been through.

Resilience is many different things. It is multifaceted. We all respond differently to different challenges.

There rarely is a quick overnight fix. Especially when you are overcoming true hardship, there are no fast and easy solutions. There are powerful and transformative answers, though, and if you invest real time and energy in developing them, I promise that you will really be able to overcome anything.


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