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No Passion or Purpose?

Have you ever looked for a dream job: something that you're are good at and that you would enjoy, in an environment that you'd like, with colleagues that you get on with?

Let’s be honest though: How likely is it that we will ever find something that truly ticks all the boxes?

Not everyone is going to have a dream job, but you know what, that allows for a very unique perspective on life. Instead of focusing on your career and tailoring your life around that, you’re free to do things a little different.

You have the chance to really think about your life path, rather than just your career path

Not knowing what you want to do in life can actually be a blessing in disguise.

1. There is more to life than work

What is the most important thing in your life? What is having your dream job worth to you?

No job will ever pay you enough to sacrifice you actually being happy. Time is our most valuable asset use it wisely.

2. The perfect job will not make you happier

Fortunately, status isn’t everything. A sudden improvement in a person’s circumstances is not enough to make up for a lifetime of negative experiences.

Your personality plays an important role. Happiness is relative because people view their situations subjectively. A lot depends on the way you approach life - having the perfect job is not the most important determinant of personal happiness.

3. Let your dream job find you

Every person you meet has something new to teach you. Approach new situations with an open mind and you will automatically find out what suits you and what doesn’t. If you are open to new opportunities, then you can probably save yourself the frustrating search for your dream job.

4. Don’t lose sight of what you already have

Have you ever met someone fascinating who wowed you with stories about their exciting life? Or perhaps you have been impressed by something you have read. If so, it doesn’t mean that your situation is less interesting or valid.

Your life is already happy and fulfilled - take stock of what you already have. Constantly looking for your dream job can distract you from seeing your current situation in a positive light.

5. The concept of a dream job is an illusion

There is no such thing as the perfect job. When we talk of a dream job, that is exactly what is being implied, which is why it is nothing more than a mirage. Don’t chase something that will always be just out of reach. That's a recipe for constant disappointment. Try and remember that nothing is 100% perfect and that's ok.

Sometimes, often actually - we don't need to be chasing a dream job or life. You are amazing without it; because you are already it. You’re not floundering or unmotivated. You’re not lacking direction and ambition. Instead, you’re content - happy. You’re taking things one day at a time. And, if you ask me, that’s the best way to be.

Do you have a “dream job” that you’ve set your sights on? Or, are you just taking your career day by day? Let me know your thoughts on Instagram.


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