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My Secret to Not Ageing

On January First of this year I posted a series of pictures of myself on my social medias (e.g. Instagram). I got a ton of comments and messages (mostly private) about how I don't age and it got me thinking.

Obviously it's part genes, part diet (?), part this and part that. I credit sleep and good quality sleep for my good health but I'm pretty sure there is another thing that adds to the agelessness; feeling good about myself, making that a priority.

We always read and hear about how mothers that take care of themselves properly (whatever that is for that particular mother) are better mothers, but that to me does not apply only to mothers but to every single person.

If you are loving and caring towards yourself the odds are you will create a ripple affect that will grow into something bigger. Create a more joy in your environment.

Making the world a better place will always start with creating happiness inside of ourselves, and then spreading that happiness outward.

By nurturing myself so that I can be grounded, confident, and content; requires continual intentionality (debating on whether or not this is a word, for this article it is, bear with me).

I have created a happy and healthy lifestyle for myself, which makes it that much easier for me to naturally share my happiness with the world.

I’m inspired to be kind and soft spoken, to make others feel like they are worthy. I’m inspired to be a giver of good vibes and to be and feel healthy. I believe that these small things add to the benefits of the world around us. I know one person can make a difference just by being an example.

OK, so before I go tooting my horn too much I need to say that I'm definitely not a saint and I've done some really shitty things to others in this world. This doesn't mean that regardless of my actions that I don't aspire to inspire now. This also doesn't mean that I never do anything bad anymore and all is well, it's that I chose to try again and again and again to make me feel better and therefore those around me.

It's a choice, some days it's harder then others and some days I just wanna ✽❞✣∞☄ people. But I never stop caring and that makes me feel meaningful.  I feel inspired to do good, that makes all the difference in how I live out my days.

Now before you say that I don't have stress or "sure it's easy for you", I kindly ask you to stop right there. I've had and have plenty of bull crap in my life believe you me. I carry guilt, shame, and worry just like everyone else, maybe in my darkest moments more than I should and I understand that those can be considered aging factors but that's not all I am.

I make a conscious effort to intentionally be happy, to not rely on others opinions about how I should look, what's appropriate to wear or what I should be at this age.

I don't know the end game or the true science why others seem to age faster than others or how I got to be this version of myself. But I believe that just by focusing on how I feel inside has a tremendous effect on how I look on the outside.


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