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My Perfect Revenge

I totally get the revenge fantasy after being hurt by someone. You really want that person to know they did something wrong and acknowledge that they hurt. And your typical first thought might be one of revenge. You think that by inflicting similar pain onto this person, you'll make yourself feel better. And though that might make your mind feel better for a little while, it most likely will not in the long run.

Not to sound cliche but life is short. There is no reason to waste your precious time and energy worrying about someone that does not even matter. If you concentrate on revenge, you will keep those wounds open that would have otherwise healed.

Do you really want to waste your valuable time on someone that doesn’t deserve it? Cut that nonsense, because the truth is, the ultimate revenge is when you no longer feel the need for revenge at all.

I know it can be hard but make sure you don’t get caught in a loop, it will only cause you further pain and hurt. Because acting like Mr./Ms. "what-ever-the-f-we're-gonna-call-em" and plotting, planning and focusing your energy on the negative, will never get you anywhere productive. Try and leave or distance yourself from negativity and people who bring you down. They are not worth it.

Seeking revenge isn’t going to undo the actions of the person who has wronged you. So do the right thing.

I am not bitter nor do I wallow in self pity, that would just feed the hate and anger. We all get hurt or taken advantage of at some point in our life, which is just a lousy part of human beings.

Hateful people can't stand happy people.

When it comes to “happiness is the best revenge,” the “letting them know” part is implied.

Revenge implies getting even with someone. It implies payback, retaliation, obtaining satisfaction by hurting others back for the hurt they have imposed on us.

Revenge breeds obsessive thinking.

When you frame your happiness under the lens of revenge, you show you haven’t yet set yourself free from the past, you’re still letting yourself, and your life, be defined by a moment in time.

Live well for you, because you want to live a certain way, not to get back at anyone. Leave revenge out of it, we can all win at life.

I want happiness with no strings attached. I don’t want my happiness to be the result of a master plan for revenge. I'm better than that. I have decided to live my life for me, instead of anyone else, I allow myself to live greatly and passionately. And most of all, I don’t want my happiness to taste like revenge.


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