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My Love Stories

I saw a video a while back where children were explaining what love is, and as you can imagine, they had some of the best answers; "Like you dance around with a boy", "Hugs and kisses", "They have hearts in their eyes" and "You really just decide and test them if their the best".

But when it comes to love, it's not just one shape, size or type, the reality is, it's often a bunch of wonderful things found in our day-to-day life. It’s the little things that truly are the big things, the things that ultimately make us realize what true love really means to us.

Love is a feeling and action. It's a friend or a lover, it's a child or a grandparent. Love is the wave inside of you that you are unable to describe in any language or any word. Love comes from loving some one and then falling for your chosen family because they are part of the package of loving someone; it is an extension of that love.

Love is a smell of your new born baby nestled up against you. Love is knowing that they are ok and unharmed. Love is laughing breathlessly and feeling good inside. Love is you, love is now. Love is all that makes you feel good.

I’m constantly calling folks dear, sweetie and darling because when I feel that someone is kind, loving and gentle, I tell them so. I love loving, it’s totally my thing. Making others feel meaningful and loved are the building blocks of what I am made of.

And love, true "I love you more than life itself" kind of love does not require DNA or any other traditional ties, it is where we share a deep sense of connection. Saying I love you, is a way of saying I am here for you, that you are important to me and that I cherish you. It says I will struggle with you, I will be still with you and that I accept you.

There's this thing about love I have noticed though, it changes. As I change and grow as an individual so do the things I am attached to. But love changes for the better, I think.

It's like as soon as a mother or father thinks they cannot love their child any deeper, they start loving them even more. Love can change from a friendship to a deeper love and marriage. And love towards yourself can become a soften more understanding kind of love as you slowly except yourself.

When I first fell in love with my best friend, loving sweetheart, I said I love you in the most unplanned spontaneous way, where we were sitting laughing at something (I can't even remember what it was) and I just blurted it out mid-laugh without thinking about it, it was uncontrollable and truly reflected my feelings in that very moment. It was quite early on in our relationship and I kinda brushed it off trying not to make him feel uncomfortable. I now know that he felt the same way, so I didn't come across as clingy as I had thought.

If we just allow it, there is so much love around us, so much celebrations of life and they are all equally important. It’s one of the things I love about love, the fact that it has so many different shapes, that loving one thing is never away from loving another thing. There is always room for more love, always.

And for me, there are so many different kinds of connections I hold extremely close to me. Those of my boys; the deep cor-connection of love that is between us, my treasured family near and far and those who are in heaven celebrating all of us by showering us with loving memories.

Love can sometimes feel complicated and complex. But we are made of love, we thrive on love, and we will risk much to give and receive love. There is no one way to love and it's not a competition. So lead with love.

My main goal in life is to love so well, so purely and thoroughly, that no one I love will ever question my love.


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