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Mastering Laziness

This is a topic I need no science to back me up, I've seen and felt the results myself, and I can confidently say, I'm right on this one. Laziness is good for your health and can be a great motivator to spark your creative side.

Being lazy is something that is looked down upon and yet we all have days where we could lay in bed all day. And these days it's almost become part of the norm, we're at home anyways.

Laziness is just a human thing to feel and there is no reason we should feel bad about it. Not now, not ever in fact.

In a world which has information, opportunity, and communication moving faster than ever in human history, it is silly to think that our brains have evolved as quickly as the Androids in our hands in the ability to process and harness so much noisy information. We simply cannot absorb all of the things that are being shared and communicated in our lives today. It's too much.

No one can (or should) keep functioning at a sustained fast pace that the modern world demands of us, because at the end of the day, we are human beings not machines.

Give yourself permission to be lazy.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you’re constantly on the go, either with work, socializing or whatever it is that keeps you going, you become exhausted and emotionally drained. I know I do.

Eventually you feel like you’re running on fumes alone and you’re just not sure how you can continue. Time to schedule in a lazy day. You’ve earned it.

Being lazy can mean you keep procrastinating on important (or not so important things) till the time you must do them. But this can often lead us to coming up with creative and smart ways to complete them in time. Think back to your last creative insight — chances are it didn’t happen when you were focusing on another thing at hand. In fact, you probably weren’t focused on much at all. You may have been taking an extra-long shower, walking your dog, visiting a museum, reading a book or relaxing on the beach with a drink or two. Maybe you were sipping on your morning coffee. Then, like a flash, a brilliant idea struck. Well, brilliant to you at least.

When we allow ourselves to recover and engage in the relaxing nothingness, we can actually calm the craziness around us. And I understand that there might be a few of you that are thinking that you don't have time to be lazy, but to me that's a sign that you need to be lazy, for your own good, your own health and for your sanity.

So give your brain a rest, dig up insightful ideas or plot future plans, sometimes the best way to make stuff happen is by doing nothing at all.

Embrace the laziness.

What are your favorite ways of being lazy? I would love to hear from you either in the comments below or on Instagram. Let's connect.


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