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Lessons I've Learned

As I continue to learn life lessons, I also begin to wonder more about the quality of the questions I am asking. I know that I will never be done learning. And since learning often comes as a result of pain, heartbreak, or tragedy, it is my sincere hope that the lessons become gentler as I work my way through life.

Regardless of some the low points in life, the core of my personal philosophy of life is expect good things; this has allowed me to live a truly positive and optimistic life.

I've had some incredible life experiences and I know there's still a whole lotta learning ahead of me but I wanted to list a few lessons that are really worth sharing.

1. If you read only one lesson this is the one - Life is not a rehearsal. This is it. Take it seriously and do what matters to you.

2. Practicing gratitude gives you more energy and makes you happier.

3. Move when you're exhausted, exercise gives you energy as well.

4. Most of our problems are just stories we make-up in our heads.

5. Pain happens, suffering is optional.

6. You are never 100% in control of situations, people or things. You are 100% in control of the way you think about situations, people and things.

7. No one else can make you happy, that is your responsibility. Others can add to your happiness but it's up to you to be happy.

8. Forgiving doesn't mean that you have to welcome someone back into your life.

9. What you focus on expands and what you resist, not only does it persist, but it also grows in size. (This is way I focus on and expect good)

10. If you like and love yourself, chances are others will too.

11. Courage is not the absence of fear.

12. True joy is a state of mind. Choose to be happy now.

13. Prioritize sleep.

14. It's perfectly fine to change everything in your life to head towards something that feels better.

15. Say no to anything that doesn't feel right.

16. Making someone laugh is fuel for the soul.

17. If you rinse your tea strainer before adding your tea leaves, it won't sift through as much.

What are some of the life lessons you've learned? Please share your insights in the comments or on Instagram.


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