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I'm Not Ashamed of What I Want

I have always been a dreamer. Since as long as I can remember, I have had these wild fantasies and visions of doing and achieving great things in my life, still do.

Dreaming involves holding tight to a vision of a better life, whatever that looks like to you.

There's no shame in dreaming big, craving more and changing what it is that you want on the way. And if you don't make mistakes and sometimes fail, your dream might not be big enough.

You will reach for the stars and people will tell you to stop because the sky is closer and more attainable.

Ignore them.

If someone tells you your dream is ludicrous, that’s when you need to dream bigger. When someone looks at you like you’re crazy, you ditch them and wait for them to call you to hire them.

I mean wanting more is not that you don't appreciate what you already have, it's a way of bettering yourself to become even more grateful. And the truth is, the more things you are grateful for the more you will achieve and get.

We see wanting money or a dream home as greed, so we hide that side in our deepest nooks of our souls, like we are embarrassed because we have been taught and shown how money can be evil. Wanting more means that you don't care, bull crap.

Wanting more can also mean, more silence, more space (less clutter), more time, love and more whatever the heck it is that you want. You decide. Celebrate and embrace that of what makes you feel joy.

Maybe it's buying that motorcycle you've always wanted, roaming free on the never ending roads in Europe. Maybe it's selling your home in the city and finally getting that horse you've forever wanted. Or maybe you dream about sun bathing in Morocco on a yacht sipping pink champagne straight out of the bottle, maybe that's your dream.

Regardless of what it is that you dream about, I truly hope it comes true for you.

We associate "dreaming big and being successful" to be a one shoe fits all, but in reality there is enough to go around because there are 7 billion of us and we each should tailor our dreams to fit what we want in life.

There are plenty of dreams out there. We mustn't be afraid to dream bigger, because we deserve anything and everything we have ever wished for.


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