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Houseplant Happiness

So for years I avoided getting houseplants due to the fact that I had no interest having anything I needed to be responsible for, plus the few plants I was gifted never stand a chance; I was always either over watering them or forgetting about them all together. I was a serial plant killer or so I thought.

The fact is that houseplants are good for your health and they can bring joy with their visual beauty. This alone is a good enough reason to get a plant, start somewhere.

Though recent studies claim that plants cannot freshen up the air in your home, or eliminate harmful toxins (I'm still a believer), indoor plants can improve concentration, productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood; making them perfect for not just your home but your work space, too.

I would say that if you are in a rut and struggling with self-care, get a plant. Houseplants need you and caring for something other than yourself might trick you into a better mood which can lead to better self-care.

An indoor garden can be your escape from the busy outside world, and for many people it is a source of great joy. Whether you live in a small apartment, or a large house, by introducing plants into your home, you might start noticing improvements to your health, and overall happiness; by enhancing your mood and creating a living space that is soothing to be in. Plants can also help with loneliness and depression; caring for a living thing gives us a purpose and is rewarding.

Even if plants didn’t reduce our stress levels, they are still worth keeping around purely for their aesthetic appeal. Looking at something beautiful, like a nice sunset or a pretty flowering plant, can make us smile, feel good inside.

And simple pleasures are the keys to long lasting happiness and joy.

As we know, the happiest people appreciate the little things in life. So surrounding yourself with simple pleasures that bring you joy, like a houseplant, can greatly increase your happiness.

I'm new to the whole gardening world and my greenery is still in the beginning stages. I'm learning not to pour too much water and drown our plants and am luckily enough to have a friend who's my 'plant adviser', I can consult her when I have a question and it's really her enthusiasm and love for plants that got me in the mood to get a plant to begin with.

There are a ton of people online (YouTube and Instagram) that also have great tips I enjoy watching, and there's a whole plant community waiting for you to be part of their tribe.

The secret with plants is live, learn and let it go. We all kill plants, some more often than others, but just because you’ve had bad luck with them in the past doesn't mean you must deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying a living green plant in your home forever. I really recommend diving into the houseplant world and finding joy with a little garden.

Have your houseplants made you happier? Are you considering getting your first plant? Maybe you're an ace when it comes to houseplants, please share your tips and tricks on what to get and if you have any fun stories about houseplant happiness.



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