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Healthier Habits Challenge

Looking for a way to jump-start some healthy habits? There's no time like the present to weave in some great new ways to create a better life.

Even if you are on top of the world, these are just little boosts of those good vibes. And don’t be surprised if the good vibes come back to you. Gratitude often has a boomerang effect.

Participating in this challenge can set you up for success, so you can be healthy for good. Follow along and share your progress on Instagram, remember to tag me and spread the joy.

Day 1: Write down 1 thing you’re really good at.

Day 2: Find 3 positive ways to describe yourself, write them down and put them somewhere you will see them. (I love me some good-old post-it notes on mirrors or coffee/tea cabinets)

Day 3: Take a photo of something you find beautiful, something that makes you feel good.

Day 4: Write down three less-than-perfect experiences and consider how they actually benefited you. Perhaps quitting a bad job opened the door to a new opportunity. Or maybe you’re thankful that an ex was brave enough to end your relationship when you both knew it wasn’t working anymore.

Day 5: Take a few minutes to list the awesome things your body can do, and remember them when you’re feeling down. ( I often stop and thank my body, fingers, senses and good health, it makes me realize how well off I am)

Day 6: Reset your alarm to a nice message or soothing sound, to help you start the day in a positive frame of mind.

Day 7: Go on a walk and focus on all the wonderful things you see around you; this can be in nature, a city, your town or the beach. Even if there's a lot of construction, think of it as an improvement, that this is being fix and cared for, to better even your life.

Day 8: Use the alphabet as a fun way for making a gratitude list of things for which you feel grateful for.

Day 9: Be extra kind to the people you meet today, the store, the bus, the elevator; hold the door, smile, say thank you...

Day 10: Pick one of your five senses to focus on. Is there one you could live without? Probably not. What do they mean to you?

Day 11: Set a timer to 60 seconds and list as many things you are grateful for in your life - GO!

Day 12: Go to bed a little earlier. Sleep is the most magical thing you can do for your overall health.

Day 13: Send a post card to your friend; who doesn't love getting snail mail.

Day 14: Pay attention on the things that you are saying to and about yourself, treat yourself as you would your own child or best friend.

Day 15: Write down what you’ve eaten today and be grateful for every item without judging any of it as “good” or “bad.”

Day 16: Out with the old. Go through your social media and unfollow accounts that don't spark joy, why follow something that doesn't feel good.

Day 17: Watch a show or movie that makes you laugh out loud. (Have popcorn)

Day 18: Pause before your next meal to sit in gratitude. Notice how yummy it looks and smells, feel grateful to the person who prepared it (especially if it was you.).

Day 19: Change your bed sheets, this small act can do wonders. I love slipping into bed with fresh sheets.

Day 20: Take notice on the things that you enjoyed today; what made you smile, laugh or feel good (even the smallest of small things).

Day 21: Take 2 minutes to reflect and write about how you feel after participating in this challenge. I hope you make these actions a permanent habit.

The goal of the Challenge is to focus on something every day, using the prompts to help you feel more appreciative. Feel free to get creative, make up your own prompts, etc. And don’t feel pressured to attain perfection, either. Thankfulness is what it’s all about.


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