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Happiness Trick

Increases positivity, improves self-esteem, reduces stress and truly makes you happier.

To most I'm probably not considered a writer, but to myself I have been a writer for more or less my entire life. And boy do I have some great stories, but we'll get to those in good time...if ever.

So though I might not be what you call a traditional writer, my heart is in it and that's what matters. Sometimes I struggle whether to post and share some of my writings and opinions, but I always rely on my gut, she knows best.

For me writing is a form of relaxation, a type of meditation; where I can bring out the best of me. It allows me to have a voice, clear my thoughts and add instant gratification and happiness to any situation.

When I tell people about my blog and that I love to write, more often than not I hear people tell me that they have never written anything, they feel like they don't know what to write or how to write it and could never post anything, which I totally understand.

And even though I've never been one to push my beliefs on to anyone, I do believe in the benefits of writing, even (read: especially) for yourself.

This might sound like some self-help nonsense, but research suggests that the effects of writing are real and studies have shown that writing about experiences can improve mood disorders, help reduce symptoms among cancer patients, improve health after a heart attack and even boost your memory.

I find that we can even change our perceptions of ourselves and add a tremendous amount of happiness simply by doing some "random" writing.

Not understanding the power writing had over my happiness, as a teenager I found myself often writing about sad and tragic things that had happen to me, this caused me to feel even worse and made me feel like I was always stuck in a rut. After realizing that though it might be therapeutic to write away some traumas, there was a significant increase in my joyful state when I started consciously writing about good things.

Know that there are several forms of writing. You can journal, write letters to others or yourself, you can have a diary, make lists (there are so many options), there is scripting and story telling; factual and fictional, you can implement gratitude and also write forgiveness letters...even to yourself. I mean there are a bunch of ways and for example most of my writings are private, stuff I only share with myself.

I encourage you to sit down and write. I mean with an actual pen and paper. You don't have to write to anyone in specific, just start writing; things that happened during your week, things that made you happy, something about your travels and hobbies, maybe start building your bucket list or why not create your own recipe book.

I would love to help you get over (or under) an issue by writing, you don't even have to tell me about the thing. I would be glad to give you some tools to open some of those knots and help clear your mind. We can even start you off on your gratitude journal to amp up some extra oomph. Because if there's one trick to make you feel instantly happier; it's writing.


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