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Finding Serenity

Serenity what does serenity truly mean? While the meaning can vary for each individual, serenity can help you find inner peace, live with ease and calmness, help you enjoy a less chaotic life and even reclaim control over a hopeless situation.

People with serenity are better equipped to enjoy life. This doesn't mean that they don't face troubles in their lives it's that the small problems remain small and don't become magnified into wildly chaotic and unmanageable situations. And when real crises arise and shit hits the fan, they react with steady, clear thinking.

Serenity is a state of being calm and peaceful; you won’t feel as troubled by life’s ups and downs, you'll feel more in control - at ease.

Achieving serenity can help you in many stages in your life and make can a difference in how you view the challenges in your life.

We all need help recognizing how to find serenity in our daily lives. And it all starts with the correct tools; habits.

Just as we need proper exercise habits to have healthy bodies, we need good mental habits to have peaceful minds.

I challenge you to at least two of these habits, and to modify them to work for you.

Give thanks: Start and end your day by giving thanks for all you have, whether it’s food, shelter, clothing or something else.

Practice acceptance: Acceptance is understanding what you can and cannot change.

Be kind: Acting unkindly toward others does not benefit you. The ugly things that you say and do to other people may affect them, but those actions will poison you.

Get enough sleep: Getting the right amount of sleep each night will help you wake up with a clear and relaxed mind.

Keep your environment clean: It’s hard to relax in a messy space, so keep your space clean and fill it with things that bring you joy.

Calm your wandering mind: Our minds easily drift away to unsettling thoughts when we let them. Instead, bring them back to what you love.

You don’t need to travel miles to find peace. When you practice being calm, happiness follows.

Remember Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.

Preparing yourself for tough situations is giving yourself the correct tools to face whatever comes your way. Life will always fling hurdles to confront but with the right ammunition you can face all of your demons with ease, courage and unmatched strength.

Your life and happiness are in your hands only; you make the choices, therefore you reap the benefits and rewards.

Here’s to you, and your serenity.


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