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Even You And I

I watch my share of the news and keep up with what I can, but I also try my best not to consume more than my fill, as I see myself getting frustrated of the things I see and hear.

When I notice the hate-itch creeping up, that's my cue to stop for a while.

I start paying attention to how someone is doing something the wrong way, which in their world is the correct way, I know I need to step away and cool off before I start counting the differences.

“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” - Maya Angelou

We might share our time on earth with everyone else, but our experiences and perceptions are unique, yet very similar.

Every time you meet another human, you are meeting someone who experiences many of the same emotions and thoughts as you. They probably also do many of the same things you do on a daily basis. We call people we don’t know strangers because they are unfamiliar. Subsequently, we treat them like they are from another planet. But, in reality, they aren’t really strangers at all.

See, our basic needs are the same; food, sleep, shelter, love and connection; we are all in need of these in some shape or form. It's the details we fight about and where the struggle lies.

Because the details are important to us; be it your God, the flavor of your food, who you love and how you live. Inevitably we all can't [or want to] like yellow, there are people who like greens and blues but does that make them so much different than you.

Why do we have to fight if or not red is the best color? Sports, celebrities, gossip and politics, the list is endless.

Whether we believe our viewpoint is superior, or that we’re entitled to a certain level of justice. Sometimes you might be right. Sometimes you might be wrong. When reflecting on right or wrong, the questions to ask yourself are, ‘What will bring me more happiness? 'What nice thing can you do for someone else?' and 'How much do you worry about what others think?'

We cross paths with an inordinate number of people during our lives, but we only make a connection with a fraction of them. Most of who resemble who and what we are or want. But what would happen if you sat down and had dinner with someone who loves or prays a little different than you?

Because when it comes down to it, we’re all part of the human family. We are all connected. Even you and I.


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