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Energy Givers and Energy Takers

Just like individuals there are things that either give us energy and those that drain us.

Most people acknowledge activities as exhausting or exciting, some even differentiate themselves between an introvert or an extrovert.

Although not all personalities fit into one specific box, people do naturally learn which environments and situations can exhaust them.

Occasionally, people ignore the situations that drain their energy to fit the societal norms, but that can quickly start to effect our overall wellbeing.

Finding a healthy balance in how much time you spend in exhausting situations is crucial; however, there are alternate ways of boosting your positive energy and deflecting the negative.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by your surroundings or busy schedule and need a way of re-charging your battery to continue on, there are many ways of incorporating energy givers into your routine. In fact these are nothing new, mainly a kind reminder.

And by understanding which things do what, you can focus on the things that bring energy to your life.

(Simplest) Energy Givers

Giving compliments

Fresh air

Moving your body

Watching your favorite show

Drinking tea (or coffee)

Petting animals (if allergies permit)


Wearing an outfit that makes you feel great

Enjoying the sunrise or sunset

Eating your guilty-pleasure snack WITHOUT GUILT

Dimming the lights and watching a movie

Grabbing a beverage from a café

Writing a card/note for someone


Healthy sleep routine

Cozy blankets

Picking out your outfit the night before

Complimenting yourself in the mirror

Taking care of plants

Eating a home-cooked meal

Energy Takers

Spending time with negative people

Following social media accounts that leave you feeling unhappy

Comparing yourself to others

Speaking negatively & complaining


Neglecting self-care & SLEEP


Sitting in one spot for too long

Trying to please others

Overworking yourself

Wearing uncomfortable clothes

Not enough sunlight and/or fresh air

Rushing around


Creating business

Now, keep in mind that not everyone is going to feel drained the same way or adopt to the energy givers the same way either. Feel free to make a list that better pertains to your needs and reflects the activities that work best for you.

I would love to hear some of your givers and takers, so leave a comment here or on Instagram and let's keep adding to this list and share the wisdom.



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