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emphasizing emotions

When did being emotional become an offensive insult?

If my previous writings are anything, they are an indication that I am a touchy feely person and as you may have noticed, I base all my decisions on how something feels.

But when did being emotional become an offensive insult? It seems like complimenting someone’s ability to feel is more or less a nod towards a woman's menstrual cycle, sadness, crying or negatively being a hot mess.

Why is it, that in order to portray a certain role of authority and power and to make a serious decision, do we need to be less emotional to be credible?

And if rational thinking and decision-making does not leave much room for emotions, is that a bad thing? Why are emotions often considered irrational, something that may distort reasoning?

Thank goodness there is a bunch of research emphasizing the important role of emotions in decision-making. That emotional people develop deeper and more meaningful relationships, they have an appreciation for the small things and are successful leaders.

Most of my time I don't really care what others think of my show-my-feelings-and-wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve kinda personality, I like me and those who truly matter like me too. Truth be told, I actually feel extremely fortunate to have the ability to experience and celebrate a multitude of emotions, no shame here.

Being an emotional person I give myself without hesitation, I know I'm not perfect and sometimes say stupid stuff, laughing when I'm not supposed to but in reality all that is just a blessing. I am proud of my scars and my tears, and the fact that I'm a little crazy and yes it can get loud at times, I am still smart and professional and I have a good heart.

And when it comes down to the nitty gritty after sometimes being sad and marinating in hurt, being emotional always fills my life with joy and happiness. I say it should be acceptable to show your emotions, the things that matter most are ultimately connected to feelings, and there is a difference between making a living and making a life.


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