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Devil wears Satan

I pray for those who have hurt you. Those who have done you wrong. I pray for the lost souls who might feel neglected and alone, the ones who express their lack of love in a hurtful way, I wish them all the good in the world, as should you....because if not us, then who?

"Who prays for Satan?" - Mark Twain

I'm not here to tell you to love and forgive the worlds Jeffrey Dahmer's, but if we were to treat people with kindness and respect, even the ones who don't play fair towards us, maybe we can slowly turn some of the anger into peace?

We know we can not walk through life without pain and heartache, it's just an inevitable part of being human. Learning how to extend love and forgiveness when others have hurt us or people we love is hard. Sometimes it is so difficult it is almost impossible. Though the truth is that in order to really vibrate on a higher level of happiness, it is a must. If we feel resentment and negativity towards "that asshole in line at the grocery store" who is that serving? Why are you mad? How is that adding value and enjoyment to your life? Do you feel like you are better? Are you in the right? Are you entitled?

Being happy for others doesn't mean that you have to invite them back into your life after trauma or uphold a relationship with them, but to let go of resentment and release the burden you have been carrying. It doesn't mean you need to protect the Devil but I kindly ask you to not wish horrible things upon anyone, do not hope for those who have caused you pain to live a lonely miserable life, because in reality, that will only add to your suffering. No one has ever gained more goodness by wanting someone else to hurt. There shouldn't be room in our hearts, minds and souls to think ill of another being, to think someone deserves pain.

Even if you have been trained to hate, not intentionally but as a subtle observer as a child, you can still choose tolerance, you can still choose empathy. Empathy towards the meanest of the mean bullies. Please join me as we cultivate kindness together.



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