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Dear Grandma

Or in my case 'Gramma' ♡

As many of our grandmothers mine too was one of the most incredible women I have ever had the privilege to know and I admired her deeply. There are things I shared with her that I haven't told anyone else, even some of the dumbass things I did to others and she never once shamed me, blamed me or ridiculed my actions.

She unknowingly taught me so many valuable life lessons but also plenty of fun silly things too; like how to blow bubbles with my bubblegum. I mean important stuff.

I remember being with her a fair bit back when she use to be a real estate agent, riding along in her grey Camaro waiting to show a house to a new family. I can even remember the slightly burnt smell of the paper from the copying machines at her office and how cool it was to draw on the notepads they had. Is it just me or was the 80s the era of yellow paper?

My Grandma had that best friend kinda feel to her; she could be sarcastic and witty and then we could talk about the deep and heavy stuff all while enjoying some wine, cream liquor or even rum. She would remind me of the importance exfoliating your skin was while streaking to the bedroom after her shower.

And yet despite some of the most horrific things she endured, I always felt that she was a joyful soul and made others feel at ease.

We shared a love for food and we'd talk about new stuff I had tried out in the kitchen, we'd reminisce about the great oldies and our favorite recipes. She loved her ice cream milk shakes and all the desserts my aunt June made. I have a few of her notes and make her dressing every Christmas.

Side note: According to Gramma 'Die Hard' is a Christmas movie. Which it is and I'm not one to debate her on this at all. She's right per usual.

Though she led a simple life and was the frugal-est lady I know, I know her heart craved for seeing the world and letting go of that dream was a sacrifice she made for her husband and family. (Don't worry Grams, I'll get us there).

She never complained about her life in the suburbs and she was such an adventurer by heart. Letting me dig in her yard and build a fort in her dining room, she loved to play and encouraged me too.

It's amazing the things that stay with you when you lose someone; the weirdest details and the funniest moments. She is the foundation of why I believe in the unexpected good and that everything is rigged in our favor, but most of all I remember how she made me feel about myself. She was that good.


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