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Create More Calm In and Around You

With the world struggling with heartbreaking news, unstableness and unimaginable grief for so long, it can feel absolutely overwhelming to find peace, feel love and calm the noise in and around you.

But when we look back we've always faced some form of chaos, maybe not on a large scale as what some are experiencing now, but in life there is often things happening - be it in our homes, mind or communities, it's hard to escape some of the hardships.

That's why I want to talk about calmness and bring it into the light to remind you of hope that lies within you.

Just like anything in life if you want it, you have to create it; joy, happiness, feeling good, being calm - it all starts with you.

Start by asking yourself what does 'calm' mean to you, because we all value different things.

The Space You Occupy

Let's set the mood. What does a calm environment mean to you? Some need a clutter-free space, others value framed photos of people they love, some need vibrant colors and textures and some create calmness in whites and nudes. Traditional and cozy may feel soothing for one person, while minimalist and clean could work for another.

While I've always considered my home a true haven where anyone and everyone can lounge around in their sweatpants, where you can truly unwind, it wasn't until I met my partner that "home" took on another meaning. We have made a safe space for relaxation, something that celebrates togetherness.

You might not want or have the means to start renovating your home but, decide what kind of changes feel realistic to make and go from there. This can be the corner of you bed or favorite spot on the couch, maybe there's a neglected nook you can make the perfect spot for meditation, reading, or something else you consider calming?

Whether you're turning the broom closet into your cozy corner or overhauling your entire bedroom to help lower your anxiety, the approach is the same: Add a few elements that help you unwind like on an oversized chair, a chunky throw blanket, a soft pillow, a spot for your tea (or wine), mood lighting, or even just a candle.

Upping the calm-factor of your space doesn't have to be expensive, and in some cases, it can actually be free. Strategically-chosen items and simply rearranging your existing furniture can go a long way to making your current space feel calmer and more inviting and comforting.

Let There Be Light

Light is essential - we need it to live, and yet, many of us don't get the amount of daylight we need to function well. Specifically, natural light helps regulate the function of serotonin -better known as the happiness hormone.

Though some homes may already flood with sunlight, others have to get creative as natural light lamps can double as a decorative item and create faux sunshine. Or maybe you can re-situate your safe space to be near a window where you can be cozy and calm.

Either way expose yourself to light which will help you sleep better at night and be more alert during the day.

Stock Up On Plants

Nature is known to help us alleviate stress, depression and anxiety.

Surrounding yourself with plants indoors helps to trigger the same chemical response in our brain on a smaller scale, which lifts our mood in a completely natural way.

You might be thinking, "Not another thing to take care of" but there is actual science to back this up that incorporating plants into your home (or office) can put you in a more relaxed, open, and positive mindset. I've had to find the ones that work for me but I do have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed our plants ever since we got started with only a few little buds.

Distance Yourself From Negativity and Reduce the Noise

Maybe it's time to stop watching and reading the news, not for a day but all together. Find social media accounts that make you feel better (whatever that means to you), unfollow people in real life and online that drain you and make you tired or emotionally exhausted.

Our lives can so easily be filled with all kinds of noise and negativity - visual and mental clutter and truthfully, none of it is necessary. Reduce all these things that don't feel good and create calmness in your life.

Be grateful

I know I know, lots of people talk about gratitude, to the point where it might sound more like blaa blaa blaa but how often do you actually apply it to the events of your day?

And I get it, when things are crashing down causing anger/anxiety/unhappiness, what is there to be grateful for?

Drop the complaints, and find a way to be grateful, no matter what.

Let me ask you this - What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for today?

One more time for the people in the back - What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for today?

Clean air? The ability to read? Your pillow? Eating dessert first? The sun? Tonight when you go to bed or during you evening routine I challenge you to think of this question and reflect on the things that could and should be on your list.


It’s important to remember that everyone is different. What helps one person find peace and calm might have the opposite effect on someone else.

As you go about your day, notice the times when you feel most at ease and make note of what you’re doing at that time.

Experiment with the methods above, as well as your own suggestions, and create your own list of activities that help your mind find clarity and relaxation. Make it a priority and be an example to others.

What would you add to the above to create more calm in and around you? Please share in the comments or on Instagram to add to others wellbeing, thank you.



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